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March 30, 2010


Tammy McGee

Thank you Misty, for the inspiration, and the original painting and your true beautiful heart. I was really blessed to get to take your class again :o) Im so thrilled you liked the heart I made you. Ive read your blog for a couple years now, and the saying on your heart was inspiried by you. :o)Keep loving life so wildly, and thanks for sharing your life with us. {{HUGS}} Tam

Pamela Holderman

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful spirit and creative energy. We were truly blessed to spend time with you in class.

Mary Beth Shaw

Seeing these pics makes me smile. And hmmm, will be interesting to see if you detox of Gaga. Dance on, sweet girl.


i'm so jealous....
i need a girls trip....time spent with similar souls....to fill me up !

i could almost see your swollen heart with the words you wrote...and the photos, well obviously they speak for themselves....

and i just saw the bird and the bee on....ummmm, maybe the today show and yes, i think they could help with your detox !


ooooooooh......and love love love the new banner and sides

Carol Weiler

So good to see you back and hear of your wonderful experiances! And a VERY happy birthday to you-hope your year is full of wonder and love. And I agree with the previous commenter-the banner and sides are gorgeous! CW

judy Wise

I am still living on a cloud of wonder following the retreats in the woods; playing madly in the studio and reliving the laughter and quiet moments. Only loving friends can revitalize the soul this way - I am so grateful that Artfest brought us all together so that we could indeed live and love life wildly. (oh, the dreams I am dreaming for future play ...)

dawn nielson

i have been anticipating this post. artfest is on my list, the timing wasn't right. i signed up for two of stephanie's classes for oct's art & soul portland, will be missing you. after taking your class last year i have been a texture layering, face painting crazy woman. thank you for sharing your sharing, a sweet mid week treat.


Hi Misty,
Nourishing your soul through friendships, art and nature seems just like you through and through. I am so glad to see you've returned with an abundance of spirit and continued love of life. These pictures tell so many stories- it's beautiful to see them.

I am so thrilled you are home celebrating your 34th birthday tomorrow!!! How perfect!!! I am so blessed to have found your blog, spirit and art filled life. Happy Birthday, Misty!!!



Wasn't it all wonderful and magical? I've been floating on a cloud...

Thank you so much for making your class so perfect. I've learned so much much from you. Not just techniques and great tips, but your soulfulness and bravery, doing what you love just shines through in magnitudes. It gives me hope, brightness and strength. Thank you for sharing some of that with me.

Have a beautiful birthday.

Lisa Cohen

Happy (early) birthday!!! I hope you have a great day tomorrow filled with lots of celebration, yummy food, good friends, your family (of course!), and being outside! It's supposed to be a beautiful day!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

you are so full of life!!! always you are. it is why i have wanted to follow along with you for years now. it is such a reward to sit in your glow.

bliss to you on your birthday, dearest misty. i bow to you and your beauty.
xo, graciel

kelly@the blue muse

it looks like it was so much fun...lovely photos. love the new banner!


I hope that you have a beautiful birthday tomorrow...it was lovely to meet you...and thank you for taking that wonderful photo of Dar, Kristen and me...those moments were so special to me. xoxo


magic magic magic. sending you more love and thank you for the so very beautiful moments...


Happy Birthday sweet Misty!

Jennifer White

New banner is fantastic... love the energy in the color! The first picture on this post, I must have. It's mystical, intriguing, I bet it smelled wonderful wherever you took this, too...would love to hang in my new home, too...Happy Birthday to you again dear friend, I should send your mom and dad a thank you note for bringing you in to this world and allowing you to be such an important part of my life. I would not have made it through the last eight months without you...xo

Jennifer White

well typepad is not liking the fact that I'm trying to leave a comment, so i'll try once more...

Your new banner makes me smile.. love the energy in all that color. Another birthday wish to you once again...I feel as though I should send a thank you note to your mom and dad, for bringing you in to this world which in turn, brought you in to my life...without you, I would never have made it through the last eight months..you are like a sister to me and I am so very fortunate...have a safe trip back to PA and a wonderful day today... xo

Teresa aka Tess

It looks like you had sooo much fun and are so re-energized. I love your art-full life... Thanks for sharing all that you've been up to and the wonderful pics. Can't wait to see the art work your students made. Lucky people.....

Deb Coburn

Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!


i'm so grateful i got to meet you misty.
and i'm so mesmerized by your work...completely expect me to show up at one of your workshops some day!


So happy you had a wonderful time away. I bet your family is so happy to see you.

I just LOVEEEE your ne wheader. It beams. Plus it's so pretty and sweet, not serious like most madonnas.


Wow, she's 34! Hello! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTY(cake).

Annie Froese

Happy sweet 34 Misty!!! I have been peeking in on your blog site for the past week or so, wondering when you might make mention of your time at Art Fest. It is a dream of mine to be there one day! I just can imagine what it would be like as your descriptions and expressions of the experience are awe-inspiring! Kindred creative spirits, soul-sisters, losing yourself in the process, sharing, celebrating.... Wow! That's a perfect way to live a life! May this year bring you lots of happiness, discovery, and love. Hugs, Annie

Laura Taylor Mark

Welcome back & belated birthday wishes too sweet girl!! Artfest sounds sublime, it would be wonderful to make it there one day and soak up all that creativity and shining soul-light :)

Wishing you and your family a happy & blessed Easter!

wanda miller

hoppy easter, and a wonderful belated birthday wish...sigh,,so young you are!!! so happy you are back and that you had such a SOULFILLED time to get filled up and then come back to your familia! xo wanda

Renee Troy

What a great post. I felt your joyful emotions with each sentence. So glad you have those times with friends. I know how that can make all the difference in one's life.
I'm hoping that next year I can experience ArtFest. I'm making my way as last year was my first year to go away to take classes. It filled me.
Happiest of Birthdays and a peaceful Easter!


We met at Artfest! I am sitting going through my stack o card and visiting all the amazing blogs! I LOVE the dreamy quality of your blog, I am SO INSPIRED after looking at it! Wishing you artfest love all year long! --Lacy


dear one,
i can hardly bare to come here. your beauty is so profound it takes me out of my body. yet it makes me question the duality of my heart and the body it resides in. a kind of ecstasy and agony that i must wrestle with.

i adore you misty and always hold you in the lightest place of me.
i hope you will come just take a peek at something i believe will touch you...
i send love and blessings to you and your family. to every thing and every one you touch.


Diana Frey

Looks as though you had a fantastic time at Artfest again, Misty. You are so very blessed with such good friends and magic moments in your sweet life. Hoping you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Always love your photos and a glimpse into your life.
Thank you for sharing.

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