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March 12, 2010



there you are....
you've been missed and as always the beauty you supplied warmed my heart....
and yippee....you finally got your copy !
I just might have to venture on over to barnes today and get mine,too....

Sharon @ norah'S

Morning Misty,
Thanks for all the views of your world. Always enjoyable.

wanda miller

...very moved by all pics and painting...and listened and watched some of bjork's wildly wonderful viedeos...thanks for a new purchase of some great new tunes! xo


The Buddha is so beautiful, Misty!!! Gorgeous!!! It's so refreshing to be outside again isn't it? Ahh, to breathe again.. :) Enjoy the weekend with your treasures...xo

Jennifer White

Jazzy looks like he's up to something...not sure if I trust those eyes since he's so sly! Loving the depth of field you're getting on these shots, and of course t-shirt weather makes me smile...and smile...and miss all of you even more...luv you.


I've returned & thought I would stopped by to say hello...

As always love your photos...the randomness of them is wonderful!

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

I love the new look of your blog and was so happy to see you featured in Shona Cole's new book - I love it too. Glad to see that you are doing well,
Kristin (former student) xo


Hi Misty -

I absolutely love your painting of the Buddha. I so enjoy your artwork and seeing your creative spirit bloom and bloom some more on your blog! Thank you for sharing
and inspiring me.

(a former student too!)


Lorraine lewis

I am always in awe of your beautiful photographs. So BEAUTIFUL Misty.

Kay R.

i always enjoy your photos... so thoughtful and random and inspiring. they always convey so much. thanks for sharing. i check in often.

Mary Beth Shaw

Best quote ever, and soooo true.
See you soon sweetie :-)


I think often how much you have inspired me, your art and blog reflects kindness and a gentleness that is so needed in this world. The Buddha is beautiful and I'm also happy to see your photos reflecting warmer days to come. This quote made me think of you...
"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever" ~ Margaret Cho

aj bush

Oooo I love the new painting of Buddha. You are such a gentle spirit. I just love checking in on your blog and getting inspired to be a better person. Thank you for sharing. :)


kelly@the blue muse

Your photos are so incredible...I love the squirrel shot. Your art is even better, just beautiful, soulful.
And Bob Dylan, has been my favorite artist/musician since I was 13...
I so enjoy visiting your blog.


Hello Misty

That cat photo has been on my mind for days.

Great post.




juila Dean

lovely, lovely, lovely, thank you for sharing your world and art...always look forward to checking out what you are up to...xx...julia


Such beautiful photos & mood!

Sunny Hemphill

Hi, I just found your blog and love it, and then found that you have taught a face drawing class online. Are you planning to teach that class again? I have been looking for instruction in drawing faces and I'm certain your class is the one I've been seeking. Please let me know if you have another class planned.

Sunny Hemphill
Wenatchee, WA


This may be one of my favorite posts of yours. The photos are gorgeous, and....I'm a sucker for Anais Nin. I like to use her quotes on my Facebook status!! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world.

Also, I'm having a little give-away on my blog for 5 of my art prints. All of them are rabbity and/or Eastery. All you have to do is leave a comment.

Gerushia's New World


wonderful Buddha painting! As is your entire post. Thank you. Two friends of mine took your recent workshop, I feel enticed to learn from you. Will you be repeating that month long video lessons again?


You are missed. Hope to see you back soon.


Yesterday I looked back at the archieves of your blog and work, and see some changes, however the emotion, and message is still there. We cannot help the change, when we do something over and over it will change as we grow, the growing doesn't stop, just like with our children we grow in knowledge, understanding, skill, and the basic talent that came with birth changes.
At 65 I am still changing. Yet, it is a common thing for me to miss a painting I did years ago.

I come often to look at the complex layering, and enjoy the beauty of the composition that is really more complicated than it appears.

Thank you for the enjoyment of your work and your blog.

Teresa aka Tess

I love how you bring your outside to your inside...

Susan Tuttle

i am enjoying your photographs and the stories they tell as I sip morning coffee. The life you have created for you and your family is full of heart, love, creativity, curiosity, exploration, joy, and freedom.

Spring is here! I know you are rejoicing about that.

Thinking of you:)


ohmygosh you take the most beautiful pictures!


I had to order that book straight away, its just what I have been thinking about.
My little 2 yr old starts kindy in two more weeks, along with the baby. I have just set up my studio and have a hundred things I want to do.
This book is the perfect format to do it in.

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