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April 09, 2010


wanda miller

...you've captured such beauty in all of these...but this last one, choked me up, thinking of my own girl so grown up...this is exquisite!!! thank you, wanda xoxo


I am longing for lovely spring days. We have had hail so thick that it looked like it was snowing for the last two days:( Cooler and mass snow in the mountains....good for our local skiers, but not good for those of us craving the sun.

Teresa Sheeley

I long for that kind of day; it is so cold and windy here it feels like November. :) You captured the perfect day.


Such beautiful photos you take, and your editing is so soft and wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us!


oh, how lovely!! I needed beauty in image and word today! Thank you!


i know those days...
i just wish they happened everyday, but then again, if that happened, i probably wouldn't appreciate them the way i do :)

big hugs to you sweet thing.....xoxxo


oh and um, i think you visiting here makes complete sense now that jennifer's here too....just sayin :)


I love this!


the girl twirling; so delightful.


misty, oh misty ..my beautiful friend. i live in these posts, understanding, knowing your magic, your seeing. today we posted blogs with the very same title, "today" i love that!


happy spring, friend. your site looks just as fresh and lovely as a sun-shiney spring day. :) hope you have a lovely weekend. xx suz


Such beautiful photos and words!

Jennifer White

Wish I were with you guys...looks like it was a great week...soon, see you soon my BFF... xo

Tina Gilmore



Beauty, beauty and more beauty. My eyes are grateful for the sights and words so evocative of lovely spring days. Thank you, Misty. xoxo

soraya nulliah

The beauty of words and images combined to perfection! Thanks Misty-what a wonderful start to a perfect Sunday:)

kelly snelling

when i read your posts, like this one, i imagine you literally wringing every last drop of joy from the day. i see you reveling in it and living the moment with glorious vivacity and such happiness. and it is infectious! thank you for sharing your abundant pleasures as they bless me, too. xo!


I missed you. I took a break from blogs to try find balance or something like that...didn't find much but I learned that I missed the beautiful art blogger world. I feel blessed by your posts as always. Thanks! Jess

Cindy Roehrich

lovely misty~images and poem so heartfelt and such a beautiful reflection of spring...thanks...xo

lorraine lewis

Such a beautiful reflection of your family life... the images are so beautiful.


what a glorious day ~ i love beach mornings
combing for treasures

today i found such beauties including a wing from a seagull

and today

your painting arrived and made me cry for it's sheer beauty and soul

i will write you this evening:)

Susan Tuttle

Ohhh -- how I ADORE the one of India spinning beneath that perfect arch of trees! -- what a special shot! Thinking of you. Sending hugs, warmth, friendship.



your spinning daughter....
embraced by springs arms..
such an expression of youbeingherbeingyou.

astoundingly beautiful!

come see many of your artist friends as we reveal this years shrines to help the children of oaxaca.

Dreaming Bear

Aaaaah....yes. Spring is heaven.


These photos made every little fiber in my heart quiver with delight...


how beautiful and poetic is your blog, love it, and your paintings are amazing.


oh, this is all just gorgeous...


Hi Misty,

I am awarding you a beautiful blog award, you are an awesome storyteller and you show us things in new ways. I love that about you, I always come to your blog for lifespiration!!! Thanks for sharing and being open!!



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