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April 29, 2010


wanda miller

ahhh, most of we women have these same thought's i imagine...esp. when our life seems over loaded. misty, you just said it all so beautifully! peace baby peace! xoxo


feeling spread too thin isn't very fun at all.
It is good to have someone to kiss you good night, though.
Hoosier hugs to you,


it's tired but true: that old "grass is greener". i get it all the time. i think of all these different things i could be doing, different lives, get-aways. but eventually i miss the things about my life NOW, the life i'm trying to "take a break" from. it's a dance, between the two. it's good to get some perspective, to get away for a little bit. even if it's just a trip to the bookstore. ;)

Sarah Ann

I just realized that I haven't posted a comment here in forever. Although I read it often.

I'll start saying more, promise. And today I want to say that I so completely understand what you feel. In my core. What I wouldn't give for a moment or a day or week alone.....

My in laws have a cabin in the Sierra mountains next to a little lake and a bunch of vineyards. You are always welcome there. And can bring your own wine glass if you like. =)


Misty dear, sorry you are having one of those "I need to escape" days! Sometimes things come in heavy upon us, and we daydream of better places, better times. But how often we get those reminders, from unexpected sources, to just breathe and enjoy the place we are in at the moment. Maybe the tears were what you needed to wash those heavy thoughts away, make them diluted and lighter to carry. I wrote in my own journal today "remember to breathe"...so, I empathize with what you are feeling! May the days ahead be lighter :-)

I am one of those "cheerleaders" you mentioned...though 3000 miles away, I'm wrapping you in a great BIG hug...squeeze!!!!...ok, feel better? :-)

deb taylor

Dear Misty, as busy as life can be...THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR WINE!! Now go grab that favorite glass and fill er up...maybe a nice breakfast buzz? love ya.....peace be with you.


bending and not breaking....wow, have i ever gotten good at that !
and if you see my post today....you'll see where i go to escape and i promise you, if you come visit, we will go there and sit and just be.


omg! how beautiful words. You are right and I agree and share many of your thought and feelings. I still thinking in what you say, and that's true.
Very lovely and inspiring, i just found my inspiration today in your beautiful words, even if my day is also ending. thank you .


yes, i felt like that this past week, and we get through it, and it is okay, but the journey can be tough...sometimes you just have to escape, for a bit, a book, a movie, a long hot bath, and that makes things better, a little

lorraine lewis

Such beauty is always found here- tears fell as I read your post- I am feeling kind of weighed down today- but everyday is such a sweet gift and I know how very blessed I am to have this gift of sweet life. Beautiful post.


Ah, to escape and just BE on a beach in a treehouse or lying in a meadow of wildflowers. I feel ya completely!! Why do we have to wait to retire to relax, I mean really!! :) I'll raise my glass if you have a minute tonight- just one small glass of wine could transport if just for a little while.


Oh I'm right there with you... I'd even take a cabin somewhere near by without it being warm or lavish: just time spent alone in 6-8 hour stretches to WRITE... sigh

Carol Weiler

Oh, we all can relate to these feelings but the wonderful thing about the human spirit is that it can bend endlessly without breaking as you put it. Take a deep breath and enjoy-this too shall pass. And ALWAYS find time for that glass of wine! CW

Jennifer Cabezas

i am feeling right where you are as you write this, wondering those same things, feeling equally pulled. yes, thank goodness we just bend. even though some days it becomes a very thin line between "break"

and I didn't just stalk you this time ;)


oh... (((biglove)))

Brenda Beene Shackleford

Just want to let you know that when I need a respite your blog is where I go:) Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and feelings. You are an inspiration:) And thank you for sharing Taken by Trees!!! Where do you find such wonderful, soul-filled music?

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