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April 20, 2010



i like that we can be them all...and i'm having a listen to van morrison


i think for today, i'll just pretend i'm a beautiful whirligig....that sounds perfect !

although for the first time in a week, there's no breeze, so this whirligig won't be dancing too fast....instead it will look more like i'm just lying in the driveway....in the sun....soaking up life :)


Funny, just as I came here and old favorite of mind Gene Watson was singing "Who Says You Can't Have it All" those sort of things happen to me often, a pleasant thing, a smile in the privacy of one's own thoughts.
Always thankful for private thoughts.

Sweet Francis I hope his try out went well and he gets a call back. I am sure it was not boredom that was taking place. I always think our dog is telling that this is a boring day. We went to check the radishes and they are still seedings and need thinning, spinach is looking good along with larkspur and cornflowers, coming along wishing for a drink.

So your days are filled with want tos and have tos and the hours vanish.

Enjoy your photography, always meaningful.

Pamela Holderman

I have been listening to Cloud Cult today and painting the santos painting - oh so slowly coming along. Thanks for the Phosphorescent link - love that sound. great story and photos - as always thanks!


I had to work today, but I did a whole lot of day dreaming anyway.

Enjoying the music, thanks!


I am so in line to get that CD. First the name, what a name! And then the songs... magic and poetry combined. Thank you. And my dog Molly is definitely an opera singer. Perhaps we should team the two canines up for a tour? Opening act for Phosphorescent?
Take care. Always a blessing, visiting here

Jennifer White

I'm loving the direction of these photographs, Misty...you're in a mode of change...so much going on in life right now for both of us. It's exciting, isn't it? In a scary way...but exciting regardless. I'm ecstatic that you're with me on my journey of new beginnings...love you.

Teresa Sheeley

love love love that music; and, i adore the puppy photo!! :) adorable.

wanda miller

i'm building an ark...this is supposed to be the last day of rain for a while and warm sunshine coming our way...if it doesn't do that pretty soon, i may float away on a river of tears...jk..love all these retorts after yours mistie! xoxo
ps francis is too sweet, did he ever luck out with your family!!! xoxox


Charming. I love the opera singer. (And cello-playing cats).

Teresa ak Tess

Your posts always make me smile...


That little poem made me smile...and then all your beautiful photos. Candy for the soul.

Diana Frey

Love your photos, Misty...especially the one of your sweet daughter. You have a gift of saying the most profound things with a few words and powerful images. Thank you.


i must wander off looking for a whirligig

or a moon twirling like a whirligig
while wearing purple radishes on it's head

singing along to that fabulous phosphorescent

deb taylor

I want to do it all.....especially pick flowers and write poems about radishes!


I just LOVE these photos! Thanks for sharing your amazing images and dreamy thoughts along with your music selections. You always puts a smile on my face.....

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