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May 15, 2010


wanda miller

you are such a gift to so many of us...i think you might have no idea...triggering, love, emotions, emotional art ideas for us...the list is endless..just love your new painting!!!
i too am a gaga girl fan...so artistic, fun, upbeat even when she's down beat!! ha
thank you for sharing so much of you for us...love, wanda

Pamela Holderman

what keeps me from falling apart? well definitely enjoying a sun-filled day as we have not had an abundance of those lately... and breathing in and feasting my eyes on the lilac wisteria in full bloom against the house - it will be gone in a few days too...


Your posts are so magical and thought provoking. I love this recent painting- you know I'm a huge fan of yours- and this has a sense of fulfilled peace about it.

I am stealing bits of time swimming, creating artwork to heal and scoping blogs. ;P



hmmm...things that keep me from falling apart? preparing a meal, doing a downward dog, sipping tea, lighting a candle, listening to music. thanks for posing such a question -- it's always good to be reminded of what nurtures us! xo, amh

pam chiasson

What puts me back to together is my question......crazy sad right now and i am glad that i checked your blog ..i love love the painting you just put up. there is so so something special about your work. so uplifting and deep and soooo good. have a wonderful day ps. i just got back from the grocery store and i bought these new mammoth marshmallows to roast on the fire!! that made me smile :)


i've missed you...
and rarely do i fall apart....actually, i'm not sure i've even come close, considering what others have gone through....

but what rejuvenates me....what keeps me alive and breathing....is walking in the woods with my hubby, sharing gelato, listening to the chipmunks scurry around me, cheerios for dinner when everything else seems too heavy, sunshine that warms me all the way through to my heart, laughing at my friends 10 week old golden whose paws seem out of control and finally, clean sheets under my down comforter after a long hot evening shower.....

hugs to you sweet girl....big hugs !


to keep from falling apart: driving with the windows down, listening to quiet music and sometimes even a nice cry. after that, it seems that things go back into perspective.

love the painting it is so beautiful.


pausing just to read this post and listen to the cat power song, your words..helped renew me on a day that lacked inspiration. thank you..

Mary Beth

Yes, we need to protect ourselves from falling apart.....take the time....breathe, meditate, walk in the woods, play kickball w/grandkids, feel the breeze, lay on the floor and nap with the critters.....these things keep me sane.
Missing our cherished time at AF - seems like that was another world, doesn't it?

Liz Ness

I have so much going on next Fall, but believe me, I'd love to share time with you in Italy. Maybe another time? I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to your beautiful photos, artwork, and words inspired by the magic found in the sky, earth, and waters there...

For me, being in the sun, feeling the wind on my face, and hiking through the best smelling and beautiful forests brings me home again, reminding me who I am and keeping me sane. I love nature and being in it so much.

Liz Ness

PS: Diggin' your new wallpaper and banner, too -- not to mention the BEAUTIFUL art! You rock, sister, you rock!


Good evening from Emelie:

I get close to falling apart and start to look for things to do that don't take effort. Such a silly thing as effort is what makes me feel better. It is true that arrangeing a bolw of flowers put energy into the day, makes me want to tidy up all around so the flowers are enhanced. All that effort in the garden just to go and pick my own bouquet.

Today a fifteen minute painting with a stick helped, then layering it with some flowers in a window gave me a huge lift.

It is not fun to muddle around in my head with thoughts that are "what ifs" it is a waste of energy, but it get to be a game of thinking of the "what if" means it won't happen.

It is not pleasnt to have so much to do that one does nothing, because the first thought of mine in the mroning is...what counts for my sprit that I did yesterday.
It is like a life line that can be added to on this day.

I feel best if I have a painting going and can look forward to working on it, sometimes it is hard to start one. I just have to get something on the paper and then worry about it as I will do something.

The painting is beautiful, there is always emotion in your work and it can depend on the day and choice of emotion the viewer has on a given day as the paintings can change with one's own mood.


Looking forward to seeing you next week....save a glass of wine for me! xoxo


its beautiful these days witnessing the blooming of one tree or flower and soaking up what it reminds us of only to have to let go of it for another year and move onto another colourful blooming flower asking to be witnessed!

and i'm dreaming of miraculously manifesting a way to come to your workshop in italy!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

coming here, so timely, i admit i am falling apart. but this time, i will let it happen. no fixes, no catch-myself-before-i-fall-too- far...because there are new things on the horizon, and i am carrying too much worry weight to arrive there lightly. my camera, my cats and rose petal tea keep me company while falling apart and walking cleansed to the next phase of life.

sending love to your sweetest soul...


You never cease to amaze me with the beauty you share here.
It will be so good to see you...


Clare W

Just a little gratitude and counting blessings stops it all falling apart for me. Then sprinkle a little art, a laugh with friends and some sunshine and you have one totally glued together being...for now! x

Susan Tuttle

a most beautiful soul -- that is you my friend:) I think of you often:)

Your posts always make me pause, reflect, and change my heart for the better. Thank you:)

hugs and kisses


youre beautiful plain and simple~


One of the things I love to do is read your postings! It always makes me feel like so much beauty and love is there in the world to share and that creativity can energize us to keep moving forward. So you are a resource for me not falling apart :-)) I also really love the yoga cds of Rudy Pierce from Kripalu--it is wonderful, gentle, calm, centering yoga that leaves you feeling restored and integrated.

Thanks for sharing all the beauty in your world in such a compelling and honest way.



Fed like a little bird on your tidbits.


This is powerful!
Beautiful and inspiring!


Your words are so beautiful and inspiring. Art definitely keeps me from falling apart...if I haven't photographed something or painted a small picture or cooked an insane meal...I just lose it. No one wants to know me then.

Renee Troy

I agree with so many of the comments regarding your posts, Misty. It's so clear that you feel on such a deep level. I'm glad I'm one that can appreciate your words and that's a little of what gets me through. So does creating art or playing with my pup, Molly. One more thing, reminding myself how much I do have and staying in gratitude helps a bunch.

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