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May 04, 2010



simply beautiful


poppies one of my very favorite flowers!
last summer i was under the spell of poppies
hopefully our yard will be filled with poppies this summer.



Now just to think of it and how often I have counted on the sun, and it comes earlier when the days are best to give more.

I also think of how often a storm has rearranged the garden and I count on the sun to tidy things up and it does, or pruned a shrub that looks bad, and maybe worse when I am done and the sun fixes it.

People use to use it to dry their cothes, the wood to burn, and to even light a fire.

It is a good thought to have, I am about to see how it has fixed things in the gardens as it froze last night.

I came by to Wish you much on Mother's day as it appraoches, hoping you get the cards that chilren make and that we save for years because they say what we need to have said. I have been meaning to come by for a few days, I thought of you standing at the magazine rack and not finding inspiration that we sometimes just can't find, and then suddenly it comes rushing in again. Even the sun has a part to play in that scheme of things.

I think I want to find cards saved and post some of them. Do you have an idea how I hate hunting for things that I think I know where and then they are not? I looked and found them, I couldn't wait. One makes me feel bad, it states that I yelled sometimes
and lists why. I am sure the yelling was from not being heard not out of anger.

Lovely transparent poppies, I am nurturing some in the garden now, they come up because they want to not because I plant them, I did once but they return from dropped seed. Shirley Poppies are the best, you never know what dress they will wear.


i adore poppies - gorgeous pieces here. just gorgeous.


I love Mary Oliver and her poetry. Beautiful photos!!

Renee Troy

Lovely! Beautiful words and beautiful photography...


maybe it's still too early here.....but there are no poppies around me...anywhere....and lord knows i drive all over the place just looking for beauty.

now dandelions.....oh the fields of dandelions are everywhere....and they call them weeds....i disagree....well, uless they're in my yard, then i kill those little suckers and dig em up....

but a whole field of them....truly magical in color....and texture :)


this is one of my most favorite books

'because of our wisdom we will travel
far for love...'

this book is so glorious



Don't you just want to lay down in that field of color...I do..


the poppies and this post are so very beautiful!

at this moment i'm sitting on a blanket in the sun so reading this poem felt so perfect.



mmm starting my day with the right visuals. Thanks Misty


just stunning...


we had a little snow today! ugh... i'm aching for sun... the tulips havn't bloomed yet... i have to remind myself... i love where i live... i love where i live... do i?

Jennifer White

We'll begin
with a spin
traveling in the world of my creation..
what we'll see
will defy

Come with me...
and you'll be...
in a world of imagination.

(sung by Willy Wonka)

I heard this song just as I was gazing in to the shots of the poppy fields and reading the glorious Mary Oliver... thank you for this.


I just love your photography! Your colors are so soothing and cool. I would love to take one of your classes some day. I'll be keeping a lookout for one close by.


So much of our every day life is about repetition that we forget to take the time to look beyond it, we only take in what is around us but there is beauty out there for us all, not hidden just waiting for us to lift our eyes and see.....


Beautiful words and photos - aaaah, these green fields and poppies, want to run in there and hide for a day!

connie freedman

funny i just came upon this quote from haviz a few days ago and just loved it! I am loving you photos!!

christina jackson

what a view... beautiful!
happy weekend!

deb taylor

sighing now too...thank you

Laura Taylor Mark

Beautiful words & images Misty! I love poppies and would be happy getting lost in a field of them to dream an afternoon away....

Hope you had a lovely Mom's day dear soul, xo


I love your work, please let me know if you start another workshop online. Painting faces I really like to learn

amy sperry faldet

You are so right... we are stardust. Those that ask us for payback or the like are those that have forgotten that they are sunshine and the creators of their own warmth and sparkle. If they feel they have helped someone, then that is the perfect result, that alone. This was beautifully thought-provoking. Finding two lovely places today is such a treat. Thanks for the beauty and insight. Blessings and such light to you, Amy Sperry Faldet


Simply Beautiful!


Hi Misty:

How lovely....a truly soft and content blog post. I adore coming to your blog and looking at your beautiful photography and reading your words. Thank you for sharing.

Gerushia's New World

Pam Holderman

Oh I wish I could be in a field of poppies right now - or at least have the sunshine burn through the clouds a little more often around here. In abut a month my pink poppies will be in bloom and I adore them... will take pics.

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"After all this time the sun never says to the earth "You owe me.""
How I love that quote. I just added it to my list of favorite quotes.


Misty, I have a new blog! with this name!

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