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May 28, 2010



these R from ur phone? whoa, gorgeousness. i can't begin 2 fathom how u got the 1st shot! such skills missy


wow...the way you make such beauty through an iphone is mesmerizing {and increases my yearning for an iphone!}

seems like a gorgeous week! thanks for sharing.


Amazing, amazing pictures!! I'm always in awe of what the comes out of the iphone! I love using mine!


oh, it's so good to see beautiful you !
i hope your weekend is filled to the brim, too.....with only good things :)


your photos are always gorgeous. what kind of camera and settings do you use?


Wow - that's a very interesting collection. Such diversity!


missing you!

Liz Ness

These are GREAT! Laughing at the last -- do you think he screamed? =)

Jennifer White

All I can say...you're stunning in these pictures...BE-YOU-TEA-FULL......love to you, the fam, katie and jen and a fabulous weekend together..xo

Teresa aka Tess

These photos are fabulous. I love your reflection showing in that last photo with the white limos. Sweet...


you are magic and i adore you. yes, beautiful life. it is painfully beautiful!!!! tears, love, heart breakingly gorgeous.

Poster Printing

OMG the pink flowers in the glass is pure love! Now that is a good photo with style! It's so classy and oddly haunting, that's an effect of roses for me. Like how the withered ones symbolize how beauty is temporary. Poetic!

Annie Froese

Hi Misty! Gorgeous profile of you! Stunning! And I love the fairy-princess skirt in the other one, and, well, they are all great shots! You have a beautiful life dear Misty!!! Live well, and thanks for sharing! Hugs, Annie

deb taylor

Misty...each and every photo tells a story...as always..BEAUTIFUL..like poetry for the eyes!

lorraine lewis

all so lovely misty... i love that you share your beautiful life with us.

and yes life is beautiful... we are all so very blessed.


Hi Misty!
These are romantic, soulful, whimsical and at the same time, edgy- sigh... you have "mad" skills. :)

I'm looking forward to hearing more about art and soul and your time there!

Susan Tuttle

you have a definite iPhone personal style that I adore -- little dream worlds in each photograph. Your title "catching up with myself" rings true over here more then you know.

Miss you:))



Misty, I am loving your photos! What great imagination you have :-) I am also enamored with my iPhone camera apps, and have been playing around with them almost every day! Have you tried the Hipstamatic app??? I am really addicted to that one!

Thanks for sharing these...Always love your SPs :-)

Happy day to you...Roberta

Michelle Brown

Great pics. Love your pink dress.


I love this blog, it is a place of peace and beauty. I put a link to you on my blog this morning. You have inspired me to share more of my iPhone photos. Of course, the real charge in your pictures comes from your amazing sense of composition and subject.


absolutely lovely!


you are ridiculously creative, Misty. Art, photography, writing....it's all so good. You should think of making a book of photographs...really.


gosh, i have missed my visits here...i am always so inspired...so renewed, yes renewed by you imagery which leaves me, yes it really does...breathless. thank you for making such beauty...blessings Eden

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