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June 21, 2010



summer lovin hugs to you my sweet friend....you are missed !

and now i'm off to see the video....

Carol Weiler

Such beautiful images in this and your last post-a wonderful way to start "official" Summer-my absolute favorite time of year! The poem and video so thought provoking-think I'll lay in the summer grass and just "think". Thanks-CW


Thoughtful and beautiful poem teamed with a visually delightful video, Misty. I'll be checking out the Cowboy Junkies next. Used to adore them - ever hear that album recorded in the church ( I think it was a church) back in the 90s- hauntingly gorgeous!!

Happy Summer Solstice to you, dear Misty and thanks for your kind words and hugs concerning our loss. (((hugs back))) Eileen

Jennifer White

I'm diggin' BIG TIME what you're doing w/your photography...these shots are processed in such an excellent way *said in my best surfer dialect* .... xo


Lovely pictures you have posted recently. So dreamy and wonderful.


beautiful photographs misty....perhaps you should give us a lesson in that art!!! so inspiring......


Been thinking of you and knowing without looking how busy, school is out and finding interesting things for children without so much transporting is a true task.

However warm breeses heavy with scents of grass, earth, new hay, and things not distinguished is a gift. I waspinching some camomille the other day and rubbing it on my wrist, and it wasn't about calming myself, it was about summer.

One can make even Koolaid in a crystal pitcher and it looks beautiful, it smells like my cildhood summers.

Of course not to forget there is extra dog hair in the summer, muddy entryway, endless chores. I should say thanks for longer light hours to do all these things and I do.
The work is fun, fun because it is what I have chosen to do.

I enjoy your wonderful photos, it is a reminder to take pleasure in very small things, as the insignificant can be more beautiful than the big picture.

lorraine lewis

Misty magic with the photography- always so much beauty and talent here.

Pamela Holderman

happy summer to you too...ours is finally arriving i think - oh so slowly. love your snippets - they transport me to a magical place!


Such beautiful images - hope your summer is magical.


Stunningly gorgeous blog!! Wishing you a wonderful Summer :) Your work is so beautiful!!


you are a true chameleon, always evolving and transmutng into something new, so interesting, so very very interesting.

Christine Baier

Beautiful photography! I love them always!

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

The Thunder poem totally reminds me of a book called "The Dovekeepers". I think you'd really like it, Misty.


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