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June 17, 2010


judy Wise

the photographs of Jen are wonderful; the one full length by the window looks so much like one of your paintings and the one of her leaning on the desk is soooo beautiful; maybe my favorite. You excel at so many things .... and bagels too!! xo


superbe série !

Mary Beth Shaw

Good to see you back. It is truly weird about travel - I feel the same way about leaving home but always adore the experience and then feel so blessed when I get back. It is all good, isn't it?
We've been doing that 5 minute a day Artisan bread, yum, love having dough on hand for delightful daily treats.


you've been missed and thought of, often....

Debi Minter

It was so good to see what you've been up to. Your blog is ALWAYS so inspiring! Boy would I love to sit and have tea and bagels with you!


Hi Misty,

I'm glad you're back sharing your photos, art and life with us. Beautiful pictures for your fairy friend. I am loving all of your pictures, and smiled at the kitty in the basket. I'm thinking of adopting a kitty even though I've had allergies in the past- wild, yes? I have an idea that short hair black cats won't make me sneeze and have no idea if that's true or not. lol Enjoy the balmy weather, your children and your artmaking in its various forms.

(((hugs))) Eileen


so nice to see you back here ~ wishing you a warm, restful summer friend. xx s

Liz Ness

Ooo -- this made me very hungry (heh-heh)!

Love hearing of your adventures, projects, and plans. Love your photos, too. So happy you're back.

=) Have a happy and creative day!


welcome back...you were missed but i'm happy to see you were enjoying your time away.

can't wait to check out the photos - love the ones you've posted here.

francesca di leo

so glad to see you're back!!!
I'm dyyyying to see more of your paintings... this one is so soft, and incredibly beautiful.

hump, wish i could bake. the few times i've tried, it always comes out hard as rock.. lol enjoy your bagels.


Michelle Brown

Photos are gorgeous!

Italy sounds divine! Wish I was going too!

Jennifer White

Jazzy and Bagels... what's better than that? Anxious to hear how the bagels turned out...stunning photos and a jam packed Summer for you, great to see you posting..xo


Dear Misty Mawn,

I recently came across your site. It is so lovely. Love your art and photos. I wonder how you get the photos looking so vintage like - Is there a book or such you might recommend or how to make photos look vintage?

Do keep up the most inspiring work.

Best wishes and hope for you

liz elayne

peeking in at blog world and just loving these glimpses into your world. the photos of jen are gorgeous. and i love the photos in this post.
hope the light is shining all through you as you breathe deeply...



me encanto!! very very very but very beautifull!!besos!!

Susan Sager brown

Oh misty, I'm so glad you didn't forget about the wood bros!! How about melody gardot? Did you check her out yet? The wood bros are coming to new hope, pa July 20. Come join me! Thank you for an amazing growth experience." Self contained" transformed my thinking and my habits! Practice, practice, practice!!!
I did a blog post about my misty art and soul experience.

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