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July 12, 2010


Laura Taylor Mark

Hi Misty - I've been so busy myself the last while, so finally getting a chance to catch up here. You are SO blessed to have these moments with your kiddos, squeeze out every precious drop - time is a thief in the night!! :)

Much LoVe to you & your family, may all your days be sun-kissed...

Teresa aka Tess

WoW!! You really put on fabulous p[arties. The girls all looked so cute. Love their dress up outfits. The dragion is so pretty. Isn't the sound of giggling little girls such beautiful music? Thanks for sharing your little misses birthday with us.


such a sweet celebration....

and i'm so happy you're back to playing....you've been missed !


Such beautiful girls, and doesn't dress up change the whole look? Not only that it chnages the behavior a bit for a while, just like when we adults dress up we do act diffferently. Wonderful party and a lot of effort by mom to make it so, tho never regrets because our children are so special.

And yes painting in the summer time, it is different even for me because of self inflicted other things. At my point in life I always say it is my life and not the beginning or even the middle so I think I will do as I please. Never quite sure what the "I Please" is because there are so many of the old and the new and it seems time goes faster. I pause more often, pauses take a lot of time. In the pauses I am thinking do what the thing you really want most not the thing that has to be. The has to be done never goes away.

Carol Weiler

What a beautiful party. You have created some lovely memories for those sweet girls! Looking forward to seeing what happens in the studio. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Love the music too-CW


A lovely looking party.......the girls all have bright smiles which tells me it must have been very fun.


Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Linda McLaughlin

This must have been the best party ever!!!! They all look adorable, what a fun Mom you are... I can't wait to see what you are working on, so give us all a sneak peek soon. Thanks for visiting and leaving such sweet comments on my blog....


as usual i love ur images! ur such a good mommy! i've been listening 2 coconut records, the new against me! album, silversun pickups, o jet(their 1st album), & the cars (classic).

Pamela Holderman

Oh that looks like such a fun party. Just love dress up - yesterday the neighbor boy walked by the fence and had a helium balloon on a long string attached to the rear of his pants. I told him he had a nice balloon and with a very serious face he told me it was not a balloon - it was his tail. Oh I miss the imagination of babes. glad you are having a chillin' summer - they are the best.

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