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July 23, 2010


nicole austin

lovely summer photos! my favorite season. and these songs just brought an instant smile to my face! all that big 80's hair (except sinead!) and lace and neon and acid wash jeans! if the kiddos weren't sound asleep right now, i'd blast "mandinka" and dance around the room!

Adrienne Berry

Wow, flashback!! Hope you're enjoying summer!


hmmm, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. A boyfriend from back then grew up with her. I thought that was so wild.
I had a tail of hair down my back with basically a flat-top crewcut for a time- 1987-88 ish, I think. At one point, the flat top had blond tips. Thank god, there are NO photos of this......

woooooah, time warp.

Beautiful beautiful photos. xoxoxoxo

Jennifer White

Amazing how different Madonna's voice sounds from the 80's isn't it? Kind of Britney-esque actually... I went to high school with a girl (Sherry Race) who dressed exactly like 80's Madonna. Every single day. From lace bobbisocks to the day-glo colors to the rubber bracelets up her arm... it was awesome actually... great memories...


Lisa Lisa - she was my favorite. My girlfriends and I would console ourselves with 'all cried out' after every breakup. I have to buy some of her songs today :)

Lovely photos.


Love your 80's flashback!! Seeing as I was quite a moody gal in high school, I loved this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkADj0TPrJA&feature=avmsc2... yeah, I watched "Miami Vice" on Friday nights more than I like to admit too. ;)

Laura Taylor Mark

Wow Misty - 80's flashback like for sure and I was a little bit older than you listening to these songs :) anyhow, I digress....just wanted to pop in and say helloooooo, xoxo


how did i miss this post ?.....sheesh, summer just puts me in a daze.

love the phone shots.....i posted one today just for fun. i never think about using it since i always have my other camera with me :(

Linda O'Neill

You always pick good music, Misty. Beautiful photos by the way!

Margaret Applin

Wow! That was quite a flashback! You post is beautiful - so touching and meaningful. Always a big fan.

Margaret Applin

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