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July 29, 2010


Jennifer White

India and Jade with the car...like it's right out of a magazine, great shot Misty Mawn...thinking of Italy... I am... maybe I should have a fundraiser, or a bake sale of some sort, or just beg on the corner after work... thinking, thinking, dreaming (?) ... sending my love your way.

wanda miller

ah gee...the best things in life...right here! xoxo


This is a beautiful post with amazing photos, but I am especially fond of the moth photos (I love the Luna moth!).

xo Erin


Love all of your posts, such beautiful photos and all of the things you learned....yes, I have learned them too. These days are flying by at lightening speed, holding onto summer while I can!

Kay R.

Your photos are fabulous and illustrate so richly those lessons learned.


what beautiful shots of a good life. the little lady holding that kitty is just a fabulous shot. so wonderful.

have fun on your vacation!

clare wassermann

what wonderfully evocative photos. Be glad - that's my motto.


and now i have learned, too.....for you have taught.

the old truck, three kids photo....holy crap it's amazing !

and summer with it's supersonic speed....yeah, here too and it's making me sad.

orvieto will be more beautiful once you arrive :)


so beautiful - as always *sigh*


i just want to soak you all in, you wise young woman and her beautiful brood. i miss miss miss you!

Juliette Crane

just happened over to your blog and oh my! am i in awe. LOVING your shared spirit and fantastic photography and art! and then i read about italy and adventures and am completely taken aback!

thank you so much for being such an incredible inspiration! i so admire all you are doing and cannot wait to stop by again and see more and more!

best wishes to you!

judy Wise

your photos are wonderful your observations are right on and I miss you too dear misty. italy *sigh* xo

Sharon @ norah'S

Thanks for teaching us your beautiful lessons.
And about Italy, I dreamed a true dream a long time ago. Did you ever really think it was true...when I was dreaming it?


The photo of you in red is stunning! The photos with the children are amazing...as always.......see you soon!



This entire set of photos is exquisite...


enjoying your photos this morning

aj bush

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Life is going by so fast but you found a wonderful way to slow it down a moment. I love the photos and with wisdom <3

rusted wings

powerful right on post! lovely inspiring photos and poetic rhythm as always...i dream of spending a week with you in orvieto....

deb taylor

Misty....that photo of the kids on the truck is awesome!But so is each and every other one too! Hold onto those kisses and hugs while you can.May your travels be safe and rich and wonderful.

deb taylor

Ok, I gotta admit that the sunshine shot with your son....priceless

Teresa aka Tess

I am so glad I chose you for my afternoon break. The little ones are growing so and oh so cute. Your photos are always awesome....

Jess Greene

Hello Friend!
I feel like it has been a long time since I said hi, which is about right. I keep coming back to this post and just love it. Simple and so meaningful. A good reminder of what life is about.
Thanks! Hope to see you before too many years slip by...

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