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July 09, 2010



pierced ears!!! i happy it wasnt anything else she wanted pierced, i will have to tell you the story about when my daughter got something pierced, yikes...wish i was there for the big party, it looks magical!!
so happy you are on the mend...missed you!

lorrie spotts

Hi Misty, Good to hear that you are feeling better. My daughter's birthday was this week too, my son's was two weeks ago, and mine is next week, lots of cake to start off our summers! I love your pictures and art. Just thought I would let you know how I appreciate coming her for my inspiration.



So sorry you were so sick! It is so much worse being sick in summer. A Happy Birthday to your girl...mine turned 13 in April - it flies by! Thank you for the video - absolutely beautiful!


glad ur feelin better. i was thinkin u were a little MIA. 9 yrs old? 4 sweetness! she'll always remember the pierced ears birthday.


yuck...sick in the summertime must be the worst thing ever....so glad you're back at it and now getting ready for a party !

and NINE....yikes, how does that happen ?

actually, how does 22 and 18 happen....but wait, this is about you :)

anyhow....i hope the party is fabulous and i bet at least one of her gifts will be new earrings :)


francesca di leo

your little girl is so sweet.. happy birthday india. love your new ears!!!! beautiful.

and misty, love that self portrait shot, and that top you're wearing... so damn pretty.

and hey gurl, i'm waiting for you to put on another on-line class for us... please, pretty please. lol.

be well, and enjoy the beauty that is summer...


Kay R.

The good times always fly by, don't they? Nine year olds become twenty-nine year olds all too soon!! My grand daughter turns nine next Sunday. Your daughter is beautiful. And so glad you are well again. Missed you.


Hello Misty!!

I am so glad you're feeling better and having fun celebrating your daughter's birthday. Looks like a ton of fun with Japanese inspired beauty. :)

Oh, I remember craving pierced ears for the longest time...She looks darling.

Enjoy your Saturday- maybe it will finally cool off a bit?

;) Eileen

vicki borycki

Thank you for sharing the video! I have a personal obsession for folding cranes. Now I know why!! It was delightful.
PS Happy birthday!!


writing this to you from ecuador, where i was so ill yesterday that it reminded me of new year's a few years ago. i'm sorry to hear that you've been sick, too. i dreamed of you my second night here - and hope you are well.....


Love to you....and I want to see photos of your paper birds...

Teresa aka Tess

Happy Birthday to your pretty girl. My granddaughter turns 11 in August and I just can't believe it. 11?! my how time flies.
Sp g;ad you are feeling better. Being sick in the summer is awful. I'm off to look at the party pics again.

lorraine lewis

You are such a good mama- the party looks like is was sooooo fun- LuLu was about the same age when she got her ears pierced :-)
you look so beautiful and sun kissed in your photograph.

Michelle Brown

The party pics are gorgeous!?! What are those folded thingies in the top pic? I want to make one!

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