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August 03, 2010



Lovely images Misty!

Clare W

Wow what a beach - where were you?


i dream of living on that ocean, too.....

often that's the dream that makes me smile the biggest :)

what a brilliant series of photos.....yum !


absolutely magic this post!!!
thank you for sharing,
greetings from spain


This post was breath taking!! Thank you so much!

lorraine lewis

Misty this post was so lovely- truely it touched my spirit with it's beauty- the photographs- the sweet quotes and that incredible poem- all so very very beautiful.

Jennifer White

These shots could be a framed series in your house, they're so breathtaking! Or postcards... what great postcards they'd make... I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip, your words and images conveyed how special it was on that beach. Sending love to you my friend.


Wow - great stuff. Thanks for inspiring me! I look forward to your blog each week. Keep sending budding artists like me your inspiration. Thanks Misty!I would love to learn of any photography or art workshops you are offering state side. I am an amateur for sure, in photography, but there is something that grabs your soul and I get that as an artist, and your photos reflect it. Will you still be selling your art on Etsy?

Pamela Holderman

Oh I could hear the ocean and smell the salty mist. Thanks!

Teresa aka Tess

what a lovely, lovely daydream......

Tia Tuenge

So beautiful... I love your photos so much they are visual poetry. I am dying to know what you use to modify them? iPhone app, photoshop?
Much love, Tia


beautiful sea prayers

Donna Heart

Having read through some of your most recent posts, I feel a sense of calm, more grounded, more in tune with the world around me. Thankyou :)

aj bush

Lovely as ever. Living here in AZ I forget how much I miss the ocean, thank you for helping me to feel the sand between my toes again.


what a wonderful post....thanks.


I love your sea pics. I wish I knew where this is.


Gorgeous! The sea side is one of my favorite places, it is so healing and restoring. Love your quotes.


Wonderful post, beautiful images.


what amazing pictures, really beautiful. Nice to find your blog.


Misty, this is a wonderful posting, I love the ocean... your photos are great, wondering how do you get that old polaroid look to them? Lovely poetry too.


Oh I love, love,love these photos so!


Such a nostalgic post Misty! Loved reading and seeing it!

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