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August 24, 2010



These images with the poem are just beautiful. Enjoy the last days of your summer, don't blink, the children will grow and the sun will set.


i know how you feel...summer stay i beg....but oh how i love fall.

and what's up with that devious misty raised eyebrow photo ?
i've seen that smile before :)
and i miss it !


Teresa aka Tess

Hi Misty, I loved your first collection of photos here with Naomi's poem. I found her through you I believe and love her collection of writings. Such a lovely little smooch from your baby. No worry! They will grow and grow some more; but they will always be your babies. Mine are 28 and 34 and still occasionally I hear a mommy at the end of the phone.
I see from your last photo you sure have gained an awesome tan this summer. Continue to catch the rays whenever you can untill the cool winds of fall are upin you. They will be refreshing hon, just think refreshing....


i miss you, so much. xo


Have you ever heard this song by Eric Benet "India", about his daughter?
It very beautiful.


loved all the beauty you shared today

wanda miller

what perfect tunes (ya' kill me) for this changing season and back to school time. today is my first too, with all my after school kids, i'm so looking forward to their smiling faces and summer tales! bless you and all those crazy end of the summer blues, i got em' too! xoxo

Francesca dileo

Can't wait to try and snatch one of your pieces when you post to easy. I'm waiting with baided breath.

I on the other hand look forward to the fall and a whole new season. Back to school and the return of my turtlenecks. Wohoo.


I love Naomi's poetry. One of my favorites by her is kindness.


It's so nice to see you. We mamas know the bittersweetness of the slipping away of summer. I'm with you...

Been wanting to connect...it's been so long.

Clare W

Oh yes lovely picttures and I love to be pointed in the direction of good music. We bought new shoes today...sigh x


i'm not ready for summer to end, either. :( school started waaay early for us this year. so early i didn't even realize it until the weekend before! i'm in total denial.

Jennifer White

Wondering if you were @ a luau from the looks of your self-portrait...funny we were just talking about Hawaii, too... aloha BFF.

lorraine lewis

yes a mothers heart sighs when her babies grow up so quickly- i know all to well ;-} i cried a few tears as i sent my lulu off to jr. high!
it is so beautiful here misty. my spirit is always touched by the creativity and beauty i find here


I adore your imagery, your thoughts on children growing up and your musical choices- some faves of mine. It's an interesting time- when kids go to school; the excitement, the hopes, and the heartbreak- we feel it here even over at Tech with the "big" kids. ;)

I still nerd out over new school clothes, pencils, books and chalk- love chalk- used it today in fact.
Here's to summer, Misty!

Julie Q

Oh, I hope you don't mind if I have posted about your beautiful pictures on my blog http://readlikeme.blogspot.com/, they truly are stunning, and I only wish I could afford to buy one or two.

Julie Q


Thanks for all the beautiful art and words, your work always brings a little sunshine into my day. Enjoy the rest of your summer....


LOVE, LOVE the beautiful photographs and new art, misty. sigh. i know how you feel about looking through pictures and seeing the fast changes...how does it seem to happen overnight. i try to be present but still it zips...i was looking through an album this afternoon--olivia was three in the photographs. i remember thinking she was so big then. she will be eleven next month and i just want to hold her close and little as long as i can.


Thre is always a tiny bit of panic felt internally at this time of year, I do the count down mentally of all the things that bloom, and when I get to the asters and the mums the end is near. I also enjoy the late afternoon when I pick the vegetables for dinner.

I don't think one ver gets over that 4:00pm hour when children come home and you hear them call, MOM I'm Home . I always did adjust tho to different days, and the adjustments go on and on. There is never an age without them.

So you can get new shoes and an outfit new for the first day of school also. Some new supplies and a pretty box to put them in.

Your trip is coming up, Sept. will fly.

Your new work sort of reflects change, on the faces, I see girls like your painting that stand together all the time. Beautiful.

the painting with the great amount if beads is also something to look at again and again. She wears them just right.

I had a great visit.


Your blog and artwork are so lovely. I really enjoy the poetry and music sprinkled throughout bits of your life. I'm adding 'Misty Mawn painting' to my wish list.


i know the changing weather will bring many surprises to your doorstep.
i am wondering where the girl with the owl on her head is?
i would love to purchase a print of it. my dad's initials are o.w.l. and i've named my new herbal company owl's botanicals, one. who. loves.
in his honor.

let me know if you can <3
thank you and much love to you and yours.


I always hated when my kids started back to school. I missed them so much. (It never got easier).

Glad to see you will be listing on etsy soon.

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