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September 21, 2010



i am enjoying all the music suggestions you are sharing. congratulations on your book. and yes autumn brings us so many treasures. have a wonderful time in italy.

Teresa Sheeley

I am thrilled that you will be having a book! :) Sending you good thoughts for a safe journey on your Italy trip!


waving from the west coast, safe travels sister. xo

francesca di leo

sigh! your work just blows me away. when i win the lotto, i'm going to purchase every single piece... i would so love to see them in person.. just beautiful girl.

have fun in italy... please take pics for us so we can live vicariously through you!!


oh, the book was in "the bag"
i slipped and told lots of people already....is that bad ?

and oh italy will love you !....i can't wait to see what you discover there....


Annie Froese

Oh Misty!!!!! I am so very excited for you! A book!!!!!! I can't wait! Enjoy this bittersweet season (I, too, am a lover of everything that is fall), and have a fantastic time in Italy. I can't wait to hear more!
Hugs to you! Annie


Always a treat to read your words and see your beautiful photography. Leaving summer is hard, but don't you just love knowing it will return?

Jennifer White

Travel... writing...painting...family...soccer...you're superwoman. This trip will bring you time to exhale... be safe, miss you already.

lorraine lewis

autumn is painting the landscape here and it is so beautiful. happy autumn to you too misty. i am soooo excited for you and your sweet family, what a magical time you will have in italy. i am a wee bit jealous of the women who will be taking your class there. take care and remember to breathe when you are preparing to leave for your journey.

hugs to you misty xoxo

Teresa aka Tess

OMG, Misty you must be feeling like youa re passing yourself coming and going right now. I am so excited for you and anxious to see Italy through your eyes. What a womnderful and beautiful place.
I love the owl inhewr hand. Such a lovely drawing.
I've never seen so many colors of acorns in one place. Love that picture.
Your daughter is so sweet and cute in her outfit. Love the Pipi Longstockings look on her.
And that last pic here, oh my, that is such a beautiful painting. Those intense blue eyes are haunting. Love it....
Have a safe and fun filled trip,
P.S. A book? When and where...I must have it!!


ahhh, what a lovely tune you sing here to serenade in autumn while summer takes its exit. i am so excited for you going to italy, all your senses and emotions pulsating with beauty and fresh newness. lift your glass in a toast while you're there to all your friends who are wishing you the happiest time. love and miss you xoxoxoxo

(and could india look any cuter in that photo?????!!! fashion forward,, oh yea)

connie freedman

happy autumn my friend! I am so excited about the book, you must tell where we can all reserve one! have a wonderful trip I look forward to seeing all those beautiful photots!


Hello Misty so excited for you with the book it looks like a treasure! Have a great journey and class while in Italy if you decide to go to Venice then email me maybe we could meet for coffee. Wishing the best of experiences over here.
sincerely, katy

Michelle Brown

The book looks fantastic!


OMG, Misty! I'm soooo freakin' excited to hear about your book. I have wondered lately, why not Misty for this book-thing. And, BAM! there it is. I think this deserves a happy dance. The best to you.


why not misty for this book thing, indeed. congratulations...i hope you'll sign a copy for me. x


so excited for you about your book!! many congratulations :) and soooo hoping we will meet up while you are here. safe travels, friend. xx suz


gorgeous shots and i adore her expression! so fun

Kate Robertson

I am so excited that you will have a book coming out soon. You will have a fab time in Italy... and they will love you.


Congratulations on the book Misty. Warmly,Karen

pam chiasson

YAHOO!! I have been secretly waiting for a book from you... knowing someday it would indeed spring up!! i am so excited for you and excited for all of us to buy and explore your book..have a wonderful adventure in Italy !! be well pam

nelda ream

Congratulations on your book, Misty! I can hardly wait to see it...and your pictures of Italy.


Wowza! Congrats on the impending realities soon to be. I know the feeling - you work and look towards something far far off into the future and then when that future becomes present you still find yourself in the habit of looking towards. The present doesn't sink in until it's tactile.
Your book looks WONDERFUL and I'm sure Italy will be too. Me... well I'm still sitting in anticipation for a winter spent painting in Vermont. Coming up right quick but still not real ; )

Chris Meissner

Hi Misty, Congratulations! I am looking forward to your book! Have a lovely time in Italy. Hugs, Chris


Oh, you will LOVE Italy...it will capture your heart, I am sure of it! It's one of those places...that gets down into your soul, and you can't let it go. It will be with you always...Can you tell I am missing it?

And, I will be thinking about you in Italy (and also wishing I could have been there creating art with you...I really really wanted to make it work...but next time!)

And a book! Yay! I have never been so excited about a book coming out. You know how I feel about your art, and your workshops...I am counting the days till I can get the book ;-)

Have a GRAND time in Italy! Be safe. Enjoy...and share with us :-)

All the best,


a book!?! really!?! ah, be still my heart! :)
beautiful photo's, exquisite artwork--made my morning.
have a blessed time in italy! eat some pizza for me!

Adrienne Berry

Congrats on the book! How exciting!


God it has a cover n all! I'm so proud of you AND HAPPY cause that means I can immerse into Misty goodness. yay! oh I wish you an exciting time in Italy.


Horray!!! excelent, cant wait to see the book.

Carol Weiler

You will come back changed from Italy-such an awesome.inspiring place. And I will be first in line for your book-how exciting! I share your love of autumn-and the bittersweet feelings that come with it. But the pallette-how exquisite! Enjoy Autumn, enjoy Italy, enjoy those beautiful children, enjoy it all Misty!


Congratulations on the book, I can't wait to buy it! Enjoy Italy and have safe travels....Linda

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

i MUST have your book. the mere thought of it thrills me.

love to you on your great adventure,


Blog surfing this Sunday morning. Was curious about your January journal project, but am happy with what I found in this post alone.

Megan Pickwell

What beautiful images Misty, as we move into spring well and truly the colours here strengthen as they soften for you. WHat a wonderful experience Italy will be, I look forward to your posts. The book is very exciting, well done. Mx


Hi Misty,
Congrats!!!...on your book...A must have for me. I would love to buy a copy but no Paypal with the publisher you have linked to, and shipping to Australia is $20.00...
so I will wait till it comes out on Amazon!...or Borders...as I am sure it will...xxx..julia

Diana Frey

Wishing you a safe journey to Italy, sweet Misty. If you haven't been there before, I know you will love it. Wait until you see the autumn light on the Italian landscape, savor their wonderful food, meet the lovely people and experience the relaxing, loving culture....and art is everywhere. Let me join the others here and congratulate you on your book. How very exciting for you and for us who will be able to purchase it. Thank you for sharing yourself in so many ways.


JenEve here - the painting with the Stars needs to be hanging next to my other Misty original - I L O V E it!! Can't wait for the book - that is super cool -and oh how I wish wish wish that I was joining you in Italy - seriously could there be a better escape - art making, pasta eating, gorgeous scenery? Enjoy! xoxo


two different colored knee socks! yeah

i love the idea of photo collecting i never thought of it that way till i read your words, i've been taking more photos since starting my blog and it's fun to now think of the photos as part of my treasure hunting expeditions ♥

your book looks amazing :-)

Jo Wholohan

love love love the stars in her hair misty, just beautiful xx

Margaret Applin

Ohhhh my goshhhh!!! I can't wait for your book!!!!!!!!!!!


Your book looks great, another to add to my collection. I love your work and your music suggestions.

deb taylor

You amaze me.


These are absolutely beautiful! You truly are amazing!

Christina Romeo

What an amazing post, pictures, words!
I thank you so much for sharing....looking forward to the book.

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

Ooh, love that version of Mad World! My favorite is by Alex Parks (she rocks!):

And thanks for the bebe recommend... she is so interesting!

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