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September 11, 2010



wonderful photos
wonderful words

i love the soft grey lined side graphic, is it new?

Mandy van Goeije

Such recognition in the urge to break free...and do what we love...with whom we love...

Clare W

such sweet loveliness thank you x


i say color and braid away....you are the one who can do this and get away with it without any fanfare....just a sideways glance every now and then from those who don't know you....

and the ready for change but no, on second thought don't change anything.....welcome to my mind.


Tia Tuenge

Girl you inspire me on a gray day!...



the most beautiful butterflies come to you, and i know why...
you've shared yourself, once again in such a transparent way. blowing you kisses in the wind my sweet, dear friend.

Jennifer White

The words you write today... I am totally there with you, feeling it and understanding you. As Katie said above, sharing yourself like this is a window into your soul and I love you even more for it... missing you.


oh sweet misty.... i hear what you say so loud and clear! i think i got up one morning not so long ago and buckled my gypsy shoes firmly to my feet again. i would do anything to pack up and get some tenants to look after the house, to hitch the gypsy wagon to the back of the car and to take off with not a care in the world, to wherever the wind blows me.... lucky we have this thing called art that we can immerse ourselves in until that gypsy wind blows us away.... xoxo ps when you do go, can you swing by here and pick me up?


You made me think of the book "Blue Highways" William Least Heat Moon who traveled around America on the lesser known highways. A book you can pick up anytime.
We also like the lesser traveled roads and small towns when we travel. I especially like to pause and talk to people I don't know. Just like the other day having an unexpected converasation with a stranger about spring bulbs, so fun and rewarding in the most common way.

I see what appears to be bet juice, I wonder how it is on watercolor paper? I would think a great staining effect.

Darling shoes and skirt, not everyone can look so simple wonderful in this combination.

I find the gathering and the bounty of the ordinary so much I cannot begin to gather enough.

Adrienne Berry

Do the hair, go for it! I want to do something funky just don't know what yet!


i feel the same way. just know that in your restlessness, you've created one hell of a beautiful blog post for the rest of us to be INSANELY inspired by. <3


i have always thought this type of traveling life would be a true adventure, i am still keeping my eye out for an old used trailer that could be fixed up nice and funky. even if it is used just during the summers.


oh I was feeling that way a little while ago and now we are moving to another country - NZ. The other urge I get is to hibernate, away from everyone! Anyway be careful what you manifest as they say.


That braid, ah! Love it! Your photos, quotes and dreamy feel of your blog hit me right in the heart as usual! xo

lorraine lewis

I think we all have a bit of Gypsy in us- i just need the security of my home but i would feel fancy and free in a pretty colored fish tail braid!


I love it when you show up here. It's always when I didn't know I'd been missing it most. :)

I thought I was the only one who craved a nomad experience when fall begins to creep in. I'd load up the family in the car with what we can fit comfortably within - bikes on back - and we'd hit the road. We'd stop and stay where we felt like stopping and staying. We'd eat what we find along the way. We'd read and walk and sit and nap and breath in the earth and trees and sky and sea.

Meet you on the salt flats?


So now, I'm thinking have I "given up" much to live the way I do?
No longer do I choose to spend hundreds of dollars at Ann Taylor-oh, boy, did I love that store. (Well, their styles have changed and so have I.)
No longer do I choose to buy several pair of shoes in various heel heights.
No longer do I choose to spends hours at the salon and lots more $$ for my hair to get relaxed and cut. (Since then, I have shaved it all off and now I wear locs.)
So today, I pretty much wear the same black pants to work and get new shoes when the ones I have get run down.
I make different choices so I can go to Martha's Vineyard and meet wonderful, fascinating people. I choose to buy paint and brushes and paper and canvas.
I choose to spend time being present.

Susan Tuttle

Misty, Misty, Sweet Misty:)))
Coming here is just what i needed. feeling the need to be a little wild and free myself. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photography -- they drip with feeling, and the colorings are uniquely you -- they remind me of your paintings.

Sending you a big warm hug through the sweater i have just brought out for the cold.



Hi Misty: If anyone can copy Lady G it just might be you :-)) As fall settles in in drifts around us and the honey days get shorter, don't forget to think about our need for consistent light and check out the sunbox to carry you happily through the winter months. They have a great desk top lamp that would be good for your art space. I'm a devoted user as I told you last year and I've just plugged my unit in again to go with my morning coffee and journaling.

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