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October 13, 2010



Oh Misty, Thanks for sharing your awesome photos and travels with us. I am soooo envious of your trip! So happy that you and your family had a wonderful time and returned safely!

Jennifer White

Well, I can truthfully say in the pictures that you posted of yourself... you look absolutely radient which obviously translates in to amazing travels and the fact that you were with your family. I can't wait to see more.. I think Cinque Terre would've been my favorite based on the views...thank you for so eloquently putting your memories in to words and pictures for all of us...xo

Migration Summer

You couldn't be more beautiful if you tried...and the other photos & words here are delights. Can't wait to read more of your journey!

Andrea KP

Strangely I just returned from Italy myself where I spent my honeymoon, and the poem that you posted here echoed my thoughts while travelling exactly! While I was away I kept thinking that the world holds too many wonders to be experienced in a single lifetime and I debated with my husband how long one would need to live to feel that this planet had been properly sampled.


I love Mary Oliver's ability to capture what is essential in a moment and put it on the page for us to find.

The photographs are beautiful. You make me want to go to Italy, Eat Pray Love style. ;D


Amazing post, gorgeous photos, I feel like I can jump in and imagine being on the trip with my family someday (when the kids get older!), I love love love Italy, it is the place of dreams for me. I spent a glorious summer there when I was 19, living in Florence, and have longed to return ever since! Oh Italy. Cant wait for your post #2. xo


thank you for sharing what you did, and indeed, it all looks magical....
now, we'll all be waiting for more :)

no pressure....

and how lucky for to have met suz....i'm glad you did !

Chris Meissner

Lovely, lovely photos. Europe is a magical place. Fitting poem for the experience! xo

Jessica Herman Goodson

Cinque Terre is such a beautiful place. It was one of the places I was lucky enough to go to on my honeymoon. It's so peaceful, and vivid, and breathtaking! So wonderful that you were able to take your kids as well! They must have loved being there. Thanks for sharing the photos, looking forward to more!

Carol Weiler

How wonderful that your family could share the enchantment and beauty with you! The pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more. Thanks so much for sharing. ciao!


Welcome back Misty!
I wholeheartedly embrace your adventurous spirit. Bravissimo!!!!


oh, how lovely-the words and images have me smiling. so happy that you had such a wonderful experience with your sweet family! xoxo


Enjoying this post so much, so much I burned the chicken I was browning for the oven. Not serious burn such some surface blackening.

I can see the trip is so much more than a seeing it is an emotion. Fills the spirit so full one could burst.

I thought of you often and even looked at a book of Roman sculpture. I had to use it with a fern photo I had taken just to cheer myself. I know that bird perched just for your camera, as it must of known about your art.

Keep the wonders of it all in your spirit.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

this is the definition of glorious.

waiting for more....

xo, graciel


stunning.. thanks for sharing and keep inspiring ^*^


(grazie per queste tue parole)
thanks for this your words,
tiziana - italy

susan gwreene

Wow...you look gorgeous. Italy truly agrees with you.


behold....beauty. it certainly is magical.

nelda ream

What breathtaking photos! I am so glad you got to experience the first part of your journey with your family. Now Italy will be a part of all of you forever.

Clare W

just too too beautiful, all of you...


How magnificent! What a gift you have given your children, as well. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing photos!


Oh Misty! I'm getting caught up on blogs after my own travels. Of all of your images from Italy I love the ones of you & your family exploring the best. What an adventure for you all!

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