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October 28, 2010


Adrienne Berry

It sounds like you have a wonderful time! Beautiful photos, I love the one that looks like a church with the light hitting it so. Hhmmm 2012.


Oh I wish I was there, how blissful and the art work that has come out of the workshop is beautiful.
I used to enjoy teaching so much and made the best friends. There is something magical about the comradeship that happens when you are all painting, stitching and creating art together.


CONGRATULATIONS! soo beautiful and joyful and bliss .. watching the creations and the look on their faces. LOVELY.

Angela DiGiovanni

WOW - your students did some amazing work! I'm so impressed. Seriously, 2012? (heart leaping)

Okay, I just spent a few hours at the bookstore tonight and read through "The Artistic Mother" and read your artist spotlight... so fun! I'm way excited to learn Mixed Media... Can't wait for YOUR book to come out.



Wow, sounds like it was an amazing experience for all of you.

Kristi Steiner

It seems impossible to adequately capture the richness of being in Italy. It takes so much composure to pull together the countless magical moments into a picture that comes even close to our experience. You did even more with your beautiful, passionate entry. Thank you for being the center of the most memorable, creative week. Already excited about the wonderous chance to do it all again in 2012!


wow....now i see what i missed....
hmmmm....2012 ???.....
maybe that's my year :)

miss you !

Sharon @ norah'S

I'm still hanging on to all of the memory making with you and the group of artistic souls that just happened to meet up in Orvieto. I know it will never leave me and I smile about that. Thank you for sharing and expressing in your beautiful words and you are right I know could have stayed in the studio all night and day painting away.

Carol Weiler

What a dilemma for your students-stay in the studio and paint or explore that beautiful place with kindred spirits!?! Sounds wonderful-love seeing your beautiful pictures and your students work. You are such a great teacher.

wanda miller

thank you for sharing the introspective part of your new found students and friends, LOVELY woman. i, as many sooo wanted to go on this trip, but it is so very lovingly said by YOU as to how you all connected on an artful journey, no matter where you were! so soulfully written and understood and your photos are inspirational, as always! xoxo wanda


I think this is my favourite post you have ever done! To experience the place, the people and the art and the camaraderie. All so beautifully captured. thank you for that. :)

Italy is one place I would love to go. Maybe next year???


Jennifer White

What beautiful pieces everyone created at your direction....what amazing, lifelong friends you've made...xo

Jennifer White

P.S. Your new banner? One of your very best... and my new favorite.

Robyn Thayer

Oh goodness! I was there in Spirit, I feel it through your words! I have sweet tears for such an awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing.

francesca di leo

i am in awe. i tried to make it to orvieto but life got in the way. loving wandering italy through your posts. and REALLY looking forward to your next online class.

Gina Cuff

What an amazing experience for you, Misty! Thank you for sharing and making us a part of it too! :)


Clare W

oh what a wonderful group of people - hope you had plenty of Orvietto Classico!


i love it all! it is nice to get to know the artists who joined you. and now i need to start saving for 2012.


What an amazing experience for you all, Misty! Is this the Orvieto of Vicky Cristina Barcelona? I was like, for real, they went there- holy crap!! :) Gorgeous photos and all of that art- making- wow!!!


I have been here 3 times, so ver enjoyable,very much can feel the mood of the country and you and your class. I enjoyed the previous post the included family also.

I have read several times how you value just paper and pencil. I am going now to see if I can capture something with simplicity. Simple is so beautiful and I am so cluttery.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

utterly exquisite. how could i not start saving for the fall of 2012?

xo, graciel


Oh dear I will be there 2012!!!!!!


I have long wanted to visit Orvieto and this workshop looks phenomenal!


What beautiful pictures and stories to tell of your time in Italy! It must have been so wonderful - I wish I could have gone...
xoxo lulu


I'm trying SO hard to save up to go for the 2012 year! This looks amazing.


Some of my friends are going to get married in Italy. They have been doing of doing this for years. The weather is so nice and the food is so good. Italy is heaven on earth.

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