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October 10, 2010


wanda miller

i can't wait...and so happy to see you home safe! xo

Jennifer White

Welcome back... and sleep well with Italian dreams...xo

Cinda Rae Oliverio

ahhhhHHH! Italy, where my husband's ancestors are from!!!Teach me about Italy! Welcome HOME SWEET HOME!


I can't wait to hear more about your Italy trip, your time there seems magical from what you've posted! Congratulations on your book, the cover looks beautiful and so inspiring! xo


beautiful! i can't wait to read what you write about Italy! <3 i'm so glad you all made it home safely and happily.


i bet italy loved you right back :)


Sounds like you had an amazing time, can't wait to see all the pics. But first to catch up on some much needed Zzz's after all that travelling.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

looking so forward to "more soon"!!



oh yes. the cowboy junkies - one my favorite songs ever is 'angel mine'

The Noisy plume

That first image.....wowee!!!


Dear Misty,

I ordered your book today. Now the wait!!




Can't wait to see your photos. I so wanted to go to Italy.

lorraine lewis

So happy you are home safe with your sweet family and that your journey was all you dreamed it would be- I thought about you so much.

I just spent the weekend playing with your adorable friend Katie- she is just as sweet as you described her and so very talented.

I can't wait to see the beauty from your travels!



We were talking about magic
as we drove along a crowded
Sunday highway

when the whirl of wings
made me turn
and a flock of geese
flew over our car
so low I could see
their feet tucked under them.

For a moment the rustle
of their presence over our heads
obscured everything

and as they disappeared
you said,
"I see what you mean."

-Jenifer Nostrand


WoW! Beautiful words, photos and music! Thanks so much for sharing. Must put that dream place on my bucket list.

deb taylor

ahhh...Misty, you and your family wear Italy so well...beauitful photos and family no matter where you are!

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