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November 23, 2010



well the book of yours Misty went straight on to my wish list and i must say it looks absolutely loveliness!! <3

wanda miller

these new paintings are......and ----- and -^^^^^^...and |||||||!!! the very first one looks so much like you, with a new hair do!!:0
wishes right back to you, misty for a wonderful time with family and loved ones...p.s. can you give us a teeny weeny, eensy beensy clue about your online class in january..??? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

wanda miller

...and by the way...your unfurling site is UNFURLINGLY WONDROUS! xo

Dawn Nielson

I've gone back to art school and it has consumed my every ounce of being. I take a peek at your blog to help rest my soul. It's so wonderful to see your creative journey.


Really beautiful work again!

Eileen Weigand

Gorgeous creations, Misty!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear family!! xoxo

Kay R.

I always enjoy your wonderful art. Loved your thankful list. Wishing you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

francesca di leo

and i am thankful for your talent and the opportunity to purchase one of your pieces. 'a moment to myself' has just found a wonderful home where she will hang proudly and be well loved. so inspired by your work, and can't wait to see this in real life. woohooo! my first original.

have a wonderful thanksgiving. and oh, unfurling is on my xmas book wishlist. lol


i am thankful that you, even though you live way too far away, are a part of my life and in my thoughts often....

happy thanksgiving sweet friend....xoxoxo


and that first painting.....swoon......one of my all time favorites !

deb taylor

I am thankful for returning here, to you, beautiful, amazing, overflowing YOU

Megan Pickwell

What a wonderful list of things you are grateful for. Your latest works are lovely. Glad to see you getting into the studio again. I have been doing more of that as well lately - it is very nourishing.

Jennifer White

Have a wonderful holiday... your new pieces are beautiful, Misty....xo


Thank you Misty! For your paintings, your blog, and your music links.


beautiful new pieces!

I hope you have a happy, beautiful and joyous holiday.


Oh Misty...I can definitely see how inspired you are to create, since your trip to Italy! It has a way of affecting people that way...that you are never really the same since :-)
The new art work is AMAZING! That first image really grabs me...her eyes are piercing! And Fiona...well, she is lovely! Your work always makes me feel something inside.
I am grateful for you, dear Misty. Opening yourself up like this on your blog...and for opening yourself up in workshops...to share your love of art with us (me!)...it's changed me forever. And for that, I am grateful!

Warm hugs for you, on a cold November evening...


p.s...any online workshops, or January journal prompts I can look forward to? :-)

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

I am so glad you feel in your creative mojo... it's the best feeling ever.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Here is what I am grateful for:


'and i am thankful for the friendships that have gone astray'

such a beautiful reminder to be thankful for all - i forget this one sometimes

thank you :-)


How lovely...speaking as a girl who frequently wears a flower in her hair...the first one speaks right to my heart. Love it!

I'm so glad the studio rhythm is feeling good. You are amazing.



what a lovely way to write up what you are grateful for...the work is also lovely, as usual. happy thanksgiving!

Chris Meissner

Beautiful post Misty. Your recent work is fabulous. Italy was most certainly an inspiration for you! Have a nice weekend!


There is very much an ebb and flow to studio life. I think the quiet periods are just as important as the busy ones. Yours seems to have had wonderful results.


lovely new work Misty!

Sweetest in the Gale

Your work always gives me goosebumps...it's so beautiful. I will watch for your online class because I would love to give it a try. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Michelle Brown

I love the top piece - the face and hands are so lovely!

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