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November 17, 2010



I can't wait to see your book!
: ) lulu


Holy cow! I did not know you were working on a book. It looks awesome and it is now on my wish list.

Also looking forward to your online class. Hope I get in this time.


Hi Misty,
Congrats on your book! That is awesome. And . . . yes I do wish I could get some of your pumpkin bread!


it seems that the season is not the only thing that changes in the fall it seems the whole inner spirit changes a bit also. We have no leaves left and we have snow in N. WI. It is nice to have only the guilt of keeping up with normal, and not garden guilt gardens are so demanding.

I am looking forward to your book also, and check now and then for information and here is was, last night at midnight.

I have enjoyed the Italy inspiration posts, such beautiful art work, even in it's age
with signs of loss it is still beautiful, artists work hard to get that same look on modern day artwork. I wonder why we like cracking and chipping off so much. The deep colors of aged flowers, is another beautiful image. It is not an appreciation with consistancy, as I don't want to be cracked, chipped, and aged, not nearly the appeal.

Beautiful new art work, shyness, beauty, isolation, complex, come to mind when seeing the various paintings. Even a feeling of reaching out to the individual comes to mind.

Wishing you blessings, and thoughts of thankfulness as we go into Thanksgiving week.


oh how i'd love to live close by.....
for giggles and pumpkin bread with hot tea and everything else that friendship brings....

and that first new painting....OMG girl....it's amazing !!!


ps...you know i need an autographed copy, right ?.....


The paintings are so beautiful! There is a familiar face in the fourth one down...the girl with the orange wings...those beautiful hooded lids and full upper lip. It's a paperwings girl face. :) SO pretty!!
Yes...there is no better time of year for enjoying the harvest. The earth is so bountiful with such rich, nourishing sustenence. {I've been meaning to ask you for the peanut soup recipe. At Katie's, when you made it, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!}

Carol Weiler

Beautiful work coming out of that studio-as always. CW


I like a lot your artworks,
they are simply wonderfull!
and congratulations on your book!


So glad to hear that your online class is happening in January!
Looking forward!!

Francesca Di Leo

hey misty, you might as well just put me on your class list cause there's no way i'm gonna miss it. i've been soo looking forward to another on-line class with you. so excited.

and as usual, your work just blows me away. i think i've already mentioned this to you but you REALLY need to sell prints of your work for us shmuks who can't afford your original.. just a thought.


Simply Beautiful...


hard to pick a fave out of today's pics. I love them ALL! congrats on the book. I saw it on amazon and was thrilled to bits! I made bean and spinach soup yesterday although your african peanut soup sounds delish. have a wonderful day! looking forward to the online course in january! I learned SO much from you in the last course I took. ciao!

teresa sheeley

Your paintings are amazing. Your work is so inspiring, and I can't wait to take another class from you!! :) You sound like you are full of bliss!! And a book!! whaahooo!!!!


Lynn K

Got my copy of the book on pre-order with Amazon already, and really looking forward to another class with you <3

susan greene

wow..beautiful work!!!


The paintings are very beautiful...but the firs tone is very very special. I love it so much.
looking forward to what your next class will be!



absolutely. GORGEOUS. :)


I had to come and look at the painting "I Called You Back" First I thought of you when the finches came tis morning and now also, it is the first bird seed I put out, I am careful because of bears in the area.

Then I was thinking after preparing some papers for collage how difficult it is to have whimsical and a look that is dramatic at the same time. It is something deeper than application. It is emotion and spirit that create charming and haunting at the same time. You know this, I just had to say it to someone who knows it.


I like Francesca's idea for us schmucks. I would sew your prints into a book and feel so nourished. I might need a mini version to carry around with me as well.

Julie Q

Your paintings are sooo beautiful, you made my Saturday night seeing their beauty on ETSY. If only my budget could stretch this week.

Julie Q


oh how i want that first painting! so so so much. and some west african peanut soup? my mouth is watering.

Jennifer White

It's all coming together...etsy posting (done), book (almost done), online class (prepping to be done) ... like my list? I'm so proud of you it hurts...xo


Beautiful artwork emanating from your studio and heart again, Misty!! Love them all!! Congrats on your book- I've pre- ordered it and looking forward to sinking in to its loveliness. :) Enjoy your beautiful fall days- I know I'm loving them too. xoxo

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

a class in january will be perfect! i'm there.


deb taylor

you make me hungry...you bake, eat, cook what I love...I crave...I wish to sit with a teapot or bottle of red with you...someday...some way

Michelle Brown

Your sketches are gorgeous!

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