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November 01, 2010



wow...what amazing art.....not theirs.....not those old things...but YOURS !!!

YOURS is amazing !!!!

Janet Ghio


Chris Meissner

Your piece is amazing! Nottomention being surrounded by all the incredible art. Your trip sounds fabulous!!

Annie Froese

Misty! This piece is incredible! I love how you have made such a classic image new, mysterious, magical! Brava!!! Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Hugs to you our dear creative muse!


Holly Dean

Your Italy inspired piece is SOOOOOO beautiful! I love what happens when you soak up the magic of another land :)

Jennifer White

I hope your Italy posts never end.

nicole austin

so beautiful! so breathtaking.


I love what came out of your experience here! I agree I feel so joyous every time I turn a corner and there tucked on a wall or high up on an old building is a piece of art. I love this.


Italy, ah Italy. I just love that there is so much art to see, along with everything else inspiring there. Your new piece is beautiful, the halo the surrounds the body is my favorite part, radiant and glowing. As a painter I am looking at all of those dots and thinking how nicely meditative it must have been to paint!


she's truly beautiful, misty, truly, truly *sigh*

Tammy M

ooooh! Breathtaking!!! All of it! I went to paris with my mom when I was in college, and seeing your Italy reminds me of so much beauty. Your painting made me catch my breath!! I can't wait to be in your class again this year at artfest ( Im so blessed Ive got to take your classes 3 years in a row :o)) Hope you are "living life wildly" this week! :o)

francesca di leo

you blow me away with your talent.
looks like she was made with pure heart and soul, and memories of an incredible experience.
outstanding girl.

now channel all this creative energy and present another on line course for all us shleps who wanna paint like you!!! smile.

Keli Hansen

it looks like the trip took you to a new place... in art as in time zone! beautiful... i'm so glad to hear you will return there again to teach... i'm hoping to be there then too.


I love all of your paintings that you have posted in the past. This one is right up there with the best!


Thnak you so much for sharing so beautifully your journey...this art piece of yours is truly gorgeous and shines with your unique talent...xx..julia


she shines! and still has your unmistakeable touch.
Love the italian art, what treasures

Clare W

very atmospheric!

connie freedman

wow... she is amazing. this must be what they mean when they say amazing grace... truly beautiful misty, love the touches of gold! a whole new palet and direction for you, congratulaions!


Belissima, Misty!!! (I think that's Italian. ) or is it Bella!! Love it.

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

gorgeous colors. beautiful, thoughtful face. her lips remind me of Scarlet Johansen's. :-) (not to trivialize your piece in ANY way. i find Scarlet's lips amazing.)


WHew~~ this post just takes my breath away, most especially your
EXQUISITE painting!! All those glistening dots....surrounding that beautiful face...Good work, Misty.


so incredible misty, i love your piece! i can't wait to own some of your work.


Gorgeous piece. Just love it! I'm looking forward to your book being published, so that I can soak up some of your artistry.


How beautiful. Love your piece. She's luminous!


*sigh* :)

Susan Tuttle

your trip to Italy looks absolutely divine -- mmmmmm -- i am so happy for you, getting to experience this. I hope you are well my friend.



Aside from this piece being just stunning, the way you make the glow is hypnotic! Nicely done.

aj bush

Oh Misty you out did yourself on this piece. It is simply stunning! What an artist.

Pam Holderman

Oh Misty thanks for sharing your adventure. What a beautiful, amazing trip and experience. And I love the new piece... she so captures everything you experienced. I put the Sarah Moon video on my blog today - she just speaks in poetry doesn't she? You gave me a little trip to Italy today - thanks!


Hello Misty,
This is a beautiful piece, just gorgeous! I live in Baltimore and I would love to take a workshop with you sometime. I see that you are in VA, not too far from me. Do you ever come this way to teach? Also, I would love to know when you will be offering another on-line course. Thank you. Patti


When I visited Tuscany several years ago I brought back a pair of amber-colored square glass earrings painted gold on the inside: a way to bring home the special light and spirit of that corner of the world. Your painting multiplies my little squares of ltalian light times a billion, Misty. Emotion-packed, evocative, peace-full, incandescent -- Spirit, ever so beautifully rendered. Brava!


simply divine, in all meanings of that word!

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