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November 30, 2010


Annie Froese

Misty!!!! I am soooooo excited! I haven't visited your site for two weeks and was hoping that there was something about another on-line course coming. I am needing a "Misty" fix! I can't tell you how excited I was to find this post waiting for me! :) Please send me the information and know that I am signing up FOR SURE!!!!!!!
I'm grateful for kindred spirits like you Misty. Thank you for sharing the beauty that is your life, your talents, and helping us to discover our own. Happy Belated Thanksgiving, AND, Happy December 1st (it's only hours away now!)
Hugs, Annie
PS. We've got lots of snow! I'd love to share it with you!


I'm in Virginia too so know all about the rain. I have family that lives in the UK and can't believe they've had snow over there before we have.


in alabama there is rain, lots and lots of rain

wanda miller

you shouldn't have to apologize, misty...it's just making us even more excited to hear what the class will be...I'M SOOOO EXCITED! can you hear me whistling!!! whee ooh whhheee oooh
Wonderful pictures! xo


Lovely photos.

Carol Weiler

Wish I had that childhood love of snow back! My grandchildren are eagerly awaiting the whitestuff-I'm eagerly awaiting the info for your class! Beautiful photos.

mindy lacefield

so much beauty!!! i can't wait to hear about the class. love you and your work...


totally stoked bout online class info 2 ;)


OMgosh, I can't wait to hear about the class. I love your work Misty, and I am excited to finally be able to participate in a class with you...traveling to locations where you have taught has not been possible for me...so this online class will be a wonderful gift! Can't wait to hear more!


can you believe we haven't had any snow yet....but it's coming this weekend i think.

i love how you love life and newness and snow and silence....

miss you and think of you often....


The snow looks magical. Having experienced it last year I know how cold it can be. Summer rain here, a different kind of magic. Mx

Kelly Jeanette

Beautiful photos of the snow. I would enjoy it more if I didn't have to get out in it.


Rain, snow, and inspiration. We never know what a day might bring.


dear misty

if you dont mind my asking, which camera do you use? your photos are so beautiful with a vintage nostalgic feel to them.



Just adding my voice to those who can't wait for the official new class announcement! Yay!


Class, can't wait, can't wait!!! :)


Such beautiful pictures of PA and VA. It's colder here today with a dusting of snow/frost - almost as cold as PA I imagine. I am eager as always to learn more about your online class- wish I could take it, but 3 new preps for VT next year has me thinking not. :( Happy December!! (((hugs)))

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