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December 22, 2010



see you at stretching within. happy holidays.


All the best to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2011.


Here it is nearly Christmas, we are in snow very deep this year, huge piles everywhere, children would love them, dogs and children would play there everyday.

I broke my leg in Thanksgiving week so things are quite different, I miss most fussing with old things to make them seem magical,Christmas arrangments, I can't ask family to search in the stored things and then have to put it all away again, they are doing a lot of extras already. I sort of miss buying things people don't really need also. But.. I can paint and I can journal, and I can walk about my house with aid. I hate that walker, I have to use it for now.

Ok this is your blog and I am going on a bit, it is quite late on a Wednesday, everyone else is in bed, I can't sleep, too much thinking.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the break, children home, how fast did that time go since school started? Have you ever tried to remember every Christmas? So impossible.


buon natale mi amica!! hugs to you and your beauitful family. xx s


awww sweetie....i hope you have the most magical memory making days ahead.....
and a happy new year....
somehow i just know you'll be blessed with that without question !!!

Adrienne Berry

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Misty!!! These are such joyful pictures!! Enjoy your time with your family and I'll see you in the workshop in a little while . :)


Hi Again Misty!

I was so thrilled to see you featured in Somerset Studio in my recent issue. Yay!!! Beautiful cover and I love your story inside. :)



FeliƧ 2011 !!

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