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December 06, 2010


Sharon @ norah'S

The video is just so YOU! So wonderful and perfect and I will most likely watch it a bazillion times.
Thank you for letting it out.

Gina Cuff

I'm in! Really looking forward to this! :)


Sweetest in the Gale

Misty, taking your class was at the top of my Christmas list. I'm overjoyed to have gotten in! Can't wait to start learning in January...happy holidays to you and your family!



okay, so it's not really a christmas song but i love kenny loggins 'celebrate me home' it's sappy but i love it all the same.

Francesca Di Leo

misty, i'm in girl. and ready to go!! not only is this an awesome opportunity to learn some new techniques from you, but also an awesome opportunity to meet some new on-line artists too. i love that whole networking aspect too.

p.s. the other day my 7 yr old son looked at some of my ladies i've been painting, and asked me, 'mom, why are all your ladies gray?. i've never seen a grey person in the whole wide world'... lol



Whew, I did get in the class! I look forward to meeting my "classmates" and learning more from you Misty!!! Thanks so much!!


SO excited for the class, Misty! Can't wait! I get the soccer thing...my daughter hasn't played for a couple of years now, but it really used to define fall for us! (and when all 3 kids played - whew, crazy!).


Misty,the video is so gorgeous, so gorgeous. Glad to here you have embraced the soccer mum role. Have signed up too, can't wait, although I will be in Portland when it starts and then back to Vancouver for the rest of January far far away from all my art supplies, but I wasn't going to let a little thing like that stop me.
Christmas caroles- sooo many- Baby its cold outside, Let it snow, Ella singing Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas (in fact anything Ella sings is ok with me).
But check out "Six White Boomers" for your kids, it is an Australian classic that all the children here sing- for those who don't want to dream of a white Christmas (personally I do). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlSsffF2xhA
In fact I didn't realise how much I love this song purely because I hear my children sing it and remember years of christmas concerts at daycare and school. sob sob tears when I found the link for you.



PS, it sounds much better when all the children sing it and do the clapping and stamping, but that was all I could find on youtube.


Thanks so much for offering the class again Misty.
I love Katherine Dunn! I have her book on my get books list.

Lynn K

I've just bought myself THE best Christmas present! I'm SO looking forward to this class! Thank you Misty, I really love your video ^_^

Debbie L

Your post at Crescendo and video was truly beautiful. Thank you for saying what is in my heart.

Good to know the apple pancakes are good... I love the potato version.

K. Dunn's book is wonderful isnt it?

I am hoping to find the moola to take your class. It sounds wonderful.

kim beller

can't wait til january for the online class and really looking forward to april for the in person class!! so inspired.


wow, your video at cresendoh is hauntingly beautiful.....my favorite christmas song is two..carole of the bells and oh holy night...xox~

lorraine lewis

I have missed this beautiful place- I am so glad I stopped to visit.

I love Jewels rendition of Ava Maria- it is a Christmas favorite.


Thinking of you this morning as I look at an old book with a simple bouquet of roses and euphorbia sitting on a dresser I have in the kitchen. Of course the bouquet is brittle beyond old bones. Speaking of old bones I am home again, broke my leg is a norrible way, of course there is no good way to break one's leg. I was gone 16 days, so glad to be home even in the clutter and messyness.

As I read and appreciate your work now past lunch in this day, I feel that same welling of the art spirit. I love that feeling. I did some art in the hospital, very little supplies of course and some collage. Also very gratifying to have other women become excited and feel the surge of joy within themselves, that means they have the. feeling they too could reate something to give them a sense of artfullness. I have always enjoyed getting people excited in an artful way, I forget how much I love that.
You must experience that same joy, you have shared unlimited knowledge with many.

We are very cold and snowy here in the north of WI winter decided to arrive and stay, no visit, just moved right in.

So I have this inspiration now to do some art, but you know how it is first one has to do their at home therapy so I will walk again with some normal stride, and then make some calls. The great thing is the inspiration to hold while one does the mundane.


Misty, I can't tell you how good it feels to be looking at art supplies with you again!

Your last class exceeded my widest expectations.

Not only did I have amazing fun learning new techniques, I amazed myself by continuing the creative process long after the class ended. xx


Hi Misty, I am hoping that the class is not limited to a certain number of participants...I cannot register until this Friday, payday! I'm so looking forward to this experience...a wonderful Christmas present to myself. Is there a registration deadline or limit?

Deborah Michels

I love your art so much and I am waiting impatiently for your book to come out. We are moving to NZ at the end of Dec and my studio will be in a container until end Jan, so I won't be able to do this course but I am hoping you will offer it again soon. I can't really draw or photograph but I can do almost anything else so I am hoping to learn some new skills and I get lonely on my own in my studio so would love to meet some like minded people. I can't wait.



I have long admired your work and so often wished I could travel to one of your marvelous workshops. Unfortunately our finances and time have never permitted me to do so. I never gave up hope though... one day I would take one of your workshops somehow. And now I can because of your online offering. I must have missed this course the first time around, but not this time. I just signed up! And like all the others who have commented...I am thrilled to be a part of it. I really hope to grow more as an artist and I think your curriculum will afford me that.


Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

My fave Christmas CD is "Wintersong" by Sarah McLachlan. I simply cannot get enough of it.

I also cannot get enough of Andy Williams... Little Altar Boy is my fave Christmas song of his... makes me cry every time.


Hi Misty,
Your "Art Saves" video was AMAZING!!! Oh, how I wish I could take your class!!! How strict are your due dates and such??? I am teaching 3 courses at Tech and yet, I am craving this course.
My favorite holiday song is "River" by Joni Mitchell.
♥ Eileen


Congratulations on the launch of your online course. I'm going to try to get my friend to join with me!

Yippee Skippee!

Laura Taylor Mark

Hello dearest Misty! How are you - I haven't been here in forever it seems, I have some serious catching up to do (!) Anyhow I am soooo tempted by your upcoming course and just may have to gift myself with it :> And YES love that book, I got it about a week ago, love the storytelling aspect of her style.....

One of my fave Christmas songs? Carly Simon - The Night Before Christmas

Happy Holidays to you & your family!

Susan Tuttle

sending you and yours warm holiday wishes this season. Have fun adorning your tree and baking sweet and delicious cookies -- mmmmm, hot and fresh out of the oven with a tall glass of milk.

I am fully digging your latest blog design -- very wintry, peaceful and cheery.



I would like to know if there is still room for your class and if you have a scholarship fund for those in need. A couple of my friends would like to know. Teacher layoff again!!! You can email me

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