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January 03, 2011



Congrats that's awesome!


Yay!!! That is a spectacular way to start the new year! I can't wait to see it.:)


Congratulations, that is some exciting news! I have admired your art for some time and I am thrilled to be taking your class.


Congratulations Misty! Your piece is beautiful.

Warm and happy wishes for 2011 to you and your family...

brenda shackleford

I was just at Borders today reading your article:) Congratulations! Great article:)


Congratulations Misty!!
I'm rushing out to get my copy.....


Picked it up a couple of days ago. Congratulations! What a great job.


When I ran across this very magazine at the book store the other day and saw your art on the cover (recognized it as yours RIGHT away), my first uncontrolled, un-thought-through thought was "It's about dang time!" :)
The article is lovely and I'm so glad to see your beautiful artwork radiating from the cover.



ahhhh so jealous...but very happy for you. i saw it on the news stand and was happy to recognize your work on the cover :)


How wonderful! I'm going to have to find myself a copy. Congrats!!


you SO deserve it. i need to get myself a copy. :)


and ur cup runneth over with joy


Congrats - well-deserved and no surprise ♥


Wow! I can't think of anyone who deserves the front cover more than you do. Congratulations, Misty! I will be going to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to get a copy.


Delighted for you. Happy new year to you and your munchkins- may joy always find you.


Very lovely. Congratulations!


Congratulations :)

Phyllis Peterson

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited to be taking your class!!

Teresa aka Tess

Congratulations Misty!!! I can't wait for my copy to land in my mailbox. I am sure your article will be one of my most favorites yet.
Happy New Year sweet lady....


how wonderful for you...Happy New Year!


there isn't another soul more deserving of this than you....at least in my book of amazing souls !!


congrats sweetie...

francesca dileo

you deserve it Misty. you're work is incredible and inspiring. YAY YOU!!!

Judy Wise

Yes, congratulations! A great way to enter 2011. xo


congratulations! it's a beautiful cover.

Liz Ness

AWESOME! And, well deserved. Congratulations, Misty! =)

aj bush

Just picked it up yesterday. What a great article and the art work!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Going out and buying my daughter the magazine today.


Congratulations!! What an awesome way to start the year! I must go and get this issue ~ beautiful cover!

Joyce Martin

Congrats! It's a beautiful cover! :-)

Bec Clarke

Oh yay, that will be the first issue of my new subscription, now I really can't wait to get it.

Irma P/

oohhhhhh! I can't wait to pick up a copy!


Wow, way to go. Enjoy.

amy sperry faldet

i am so happy for someone that inspires soo much. You give me joy. I am honored to be in the magazine you covered and want you to know you have already made 2011 a brighter place with all the beauty you brought to the Universe in this issue. I applaud your sweet sparkly heart. Blessings.


I am thrilled for you too! congrats! ciao!


Congratulations Misty!!!


congratulations! i'm so very happy for you! even more energy to bring to the online class next week-- yeehaw!


Congratulations Misty,how exciting! I went everywhere today looking for the magazine but its not out yet here. I can't wait to read it.



Jennifer White

January is your month, baby... this issue, I will go out and purchase tomorrow... xo

Renee Troy

Just got it...great cover! Congrats and a happy new year!


Of course, it was meant to be! <3


Misty, Big congrats to you!! Your art on the cover is awesome!
I'm happy to say that some of my art is in that issue as well, Pgs. 84-86. Still pinching myself. Even more special to be in there with 'ya. You have inspired all of us so much. Big hugs to you and may your whole year be as good as it is right now.

cindy roehrich

congrats misty~
great way to start out the year((:
oddly enough my friend sandy is in that issue too with her repurposed lamp part poppies.
i need to run out and get a copy!
happy new year to you...xo


How wonderful! Congratulations!

lorraine lewis

as soon as i saw it i snatched it off the rack!
congratulations dear misty- you are so deserving and it is SO beautiful- like you!


Wonderful News! I am keeping my eye out for it.


It has to thrill you right down to your toes to see that cover. She draws you right in the minute you see her. Just the best.

Hope your January is going along well, I think it is a wonderful month really. For me it has always been a month when I don't have to do things I am in no mood to do.
Even if this year it is different it still has taken on this sort of feeling.
Feb. always reminds me spring is not that far and I need to do some planning.

I need to go call in an order now for Somerset Studio Jan. Feb.

susan greene

Congratulation on the Somerset magazine...so wonderful. I was wondering have you sent out any info. on your class starting jan.10? My computer will sometimes hide group emails. Im looking forward to the class!!

Carol Weiler

I'm going out today to get a copy! You so deserve this honor. Congratulations!

kelly rae

it really is about time.
celebrating with you, misty!!
IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

WOW Misty! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
I wish I could have been there when you first heard the news.

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