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January 27, 2011



misty! so excited that we'll finally meet up. i'm teaching at squam on saturday. so looking forward to seeing you. xo

Sharon @ norah'S

I need to


I see the holiness in your art always, no wonder this is dear to you. Many happy returns.....


i wish i was going, just to see you.....

hey i know....how bout you come back to VR....that's so much easier for me :)

congrats on so many things....magazine, squam, your book....sheesh, how famous are you :)


congratulations!! beautiful paintings

Francesca Di Leo

i'll see you at squam, and so excited to learn from you 'in person' this time around. the images in this post are some of my very favorite of yours and what a treat it'll be to see your process in action. thank you for all the work you put into teaching and willingness to share.


so sweet! i've been loving your online workshop and been meaning to go to squam...

Liz Ness

That is AWESOME, Misty -- what perfect timing, I'd say!


ahhh!!!! I was debating going - it doesn't really fit with my school schedule, but now I'm going to have to debate even more!!! the class looks delicious..xox


I'm coming! I'm coming! yippee...now hopefully I'll get into your class! xo


I have so many favourite things that you do...but your paintings of icons might be my most favourite. Exquisite. Ohhhh New Hampshire...what a wonderful time that will be! (Love your banner, too.) xoxo

pam knutson

Hi Misty - I took a class with you at ArtFest last year. Can't begin
to figure out how to remind you of me but a thought is I was in your
last class of that very busy time and we talked alot about how you should go to India. I said I would help you plan a trip.
Anyway whether you remember me or not I was wondering if I could get your address. I have something I would like to send to you. Don't worry. I won't show up at your house and expect to be given dinner or peer in your windows to see what you are working on!
Pam (Knutson)

elke glendenning

I have followed you online for several years now, amazed and awed by your ability to capture delicate beauty and light in your paintings and photos.... when i happened upon this entry i said, yes, i will go! and i signed up that day--- sent my registration packet overnite express and 2 days later heard that i got into your class! i am beyond thrilled to meet you and learn from you and see your work in person!!!
you are an inspiration!!!


Hi. I just found you because your book came up as a Suggested Book for me on Amazon. Is there a way that will be able to see inside of the book at all or maybe more of a hint about what is inside before I preorder it? Thanks. :-)

jennifer cabezas

I adore them, as do I you. Oh, I cannot wait until Artfest. Squam sounds dreamy as well! (a twinge of jealousy over those lucky enough to attend!). Loving your posts as always. xox


love your work and look forward to seeing you at Squam. i've tried before at Artfest but never happened. i love the quiet that Squam holds dear. so looking forward to it and your class.


So beautiful. I love the colour.

Olivia King

I would very much like to participate in learning to paint the painted icon. This is a thought I've had for some time now. I have always admired you work and found solid inspiration in your compositions. Are you doing any online teaching of the Painted Icon? I think I am too quiet(shy) a person to join a class in real time -so I was wondering what you might have going online.


I love your paintings, the backgrounds, the faces - touching!

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