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March 29, 2011



Absolutely beautiful new art! So much detail!

I adore that voice of yours, dear Misty! I come here often, to hear it :-) I remember the first time I met you at Art and Soul 2007, at vendor night...shy and beautiful...and I remember telling you how I admired the fact that you spill open in thoughts and words here on your blog. At that time, I was such an art newbie...and I had come to Art and Soul as such a (nervous!) beginner. I had only seen your work online, and in magazines...but your voice, and your words...they made an impression on me. Speaking to you in person, hearing your actual voice...well, it brought together the blog and the woman behind it :-)

But that same voice shines through in your art. I think we are allowed to ebb and flow, and evolve...introspective and shy, or open and honest...and back again. I know I am not the only one who loves when you share your voice...whether in the classroom with hands into paint, online art videos, or writing thoughts that go with simply wonderful photos or art here on your blog. Either way, we all know it is the voice from your heart.

Take care, my friend!

Julie Q

Your pictures are beautiful, especially the second one, and I love to visit your blog and see your work. Just wonderful, and they made my day.

Julie Q
Wellington, NZ


Dear Misty,
Great post. Ive been waiting to see when it would come. I waited and heard your voice on your workshop video, which enhanced your presence through the distance. I like waiting. Its so full of possibilities. You always exceed my expectations. Thank you.

Gina Cuff

Hi Misty, I would love to share more of myself on my blog but I find there's a wall inside me that won't allow me to do that. I really want to, and I can't. It stops me from reaching out to other people as well so I'm never really a part of anything because of it.
When I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago I admired that you could be so giving of yourself and I loved that about you.
I accept that for now I can't share myself with others and remain optimistic that someday I will be able to.
Gorgeous artwork, as always. :)


from far away, you are loved and so often thought about. life changes before us and then shakes our hands and changes us even when we're not looking.

i love when you show up here, wishing it were my back porch instead of the screen of my computer....but i see you. and hear you. and understand.



share or not share whatever you want. it's all up to your comfort level and inclination. just know that no matter what, i always love looking at your art! little missy or should i say little misty? :)


These images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them..

jennifer bomgardner

What wonderful words, it actually made me tear up,I also have such a hard time sharing myself and especially in person. Same way about phone calls and asking questions and its nice to hear someone else express that.
Your art and words say so much. Thank You!

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Beautiful paintings Misty! The first one reminds me of Marie Antionette. Love the pink and green. I'm working on a princess elizabeth themed piece with those colors.
I find it hard to share sometimes too, especially when I wonder about who might be reading it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and artwork.
Much Love,


i love your voice, misty. it is quiet yet strong - it is compassionate, gentle, colorful, poetic, and kind. it is precious just as you are, my friend. xx suz

Francesca Di Leo

ditto to what sperlygirl just said. i too love your voice. music, photography, art, poems... it all speaks volumes of yourself and your world. and we love it, that's why we keep coming back for more.

and this new art Misty, you're killing me. i absolutely adore it. the colours, the faces, the flowers. divine.

Adrienne Berry

I had almost the exact experience as Roberta above. Met you at my first A&S vendor night 2007, when my eyes were opened to the world of mixed media and kindred souls. I've always struggled with finding my voice on my blog. I voiced my thoughts one time and got a horrible email from a family member and vowed to never go to personal again...although I long to sometimes. Looks like we've both been stretching in the same direction the third painting (the hair feathers?)looks like what has been showing up in my art lately!


I am terrible at expressing myself verbally as well... with writing, sometimes the words flow and sometimes not. But it's nice to know that emotions can be expressed through other creative means. Lovely paintings and musings!


I just fell in love with Mumford & Sons, too. Love your art, and your voice.

Jennifer White

Such clarity in these words... probably the most that I have ever read from you. You know me, I'm all about the introspective, at times maybe too much...but you understand that about me and I, of course, understand that about you...which is why we are connected at the level of our soul...xo


So happy to see this post--I keep checking in every day. Love your new paintings! (I have not managed to use words/ write my thoughts on my own blog...they always seem so awkward. Instead I just post pictures of my artwork or my dollies.) You are such an inspiration!


i so understand how you feel..with life and art and family and blogs and facebook it is just hard to juggle all that...when you can post something quick to facebook or twitter..i need to get back to my blog also...but like beth, i do patiently wait for your return


i think there are many different ways to speak, to give voice to, to share... sometimes words are plentiful, and sometimes it is in the silence where we struggle the least, and cease to search any more, because we're simply just being who we are. words are scarce for me these days too, but that makes the ones that i hear and share all the more meaningful.

exquisite, vibrant art you are giving your voice to... that says a lot, i think :)

p.s. (i'm the say way with the phone!... ha!)


ebb and flow, my dear, ebb and flow <3

Carol Weiler

Whatever you share--voice,art,music,is so appreciated. Love seeing your new work-such amazing growth! Thankyou. CW

connie freedman

what a beautiful post misty, you do not need a voice as I see it the first piece of art listed looks regal and looks like you! her hair says it all, bright, big, beautiful, full of spring and summer, music and laughter, love. those eyes so insightful, soft, kind and endearing. no voice is needed here. not today...


it is so nice to see vibrant colors back in your work


I was thinking that you never blog anymore but it was mme who had lost my subscription to your blog. So I checked on you this evening to find you were still blogging at least occasionally, To see your latest work WOW. It really seems to have gone to a new level after your trip to Italy. I am so delighted to see your work again and read your wonderful words.

Many blessings to you,


Bill Steiner

Sometimes the softest voices say the most.


I've found that when I'm very content I don't have as much to say. Happiness is good for my soul but not a productive muse. I don't want to hurry the noise, though.


It is spring, even in the north of Wisc. it is, with that comes so much inspiration, I wonder why that is when there are so many other things to do one suddening feels inspired to do some art work?? So glad to be in the garden, the broken leg of Nov. is quite good, shorter but good. Having shoes fixed to compensate.

Your children have gotten so tall over the winter, suddenly more mature looking, wonderful and sort of sad at the same time.

I understand what you're saying about not sharing every aspect of life and how it was Ok at a time and then didn't feel quite right as life got larger and larger.

I wonder if you know about coloring eggs with silk cloth? Just google it and there is much there to use. Those lovely designs from silk cloth on boiled eggs, I want to do this, I have the things I need.
Have spring days and good times.

I come here often, I study skin tones, I like that there can be so many tones and still be right and beautiful.


the voice remains true whether spoken (or written) or within. as you say, stay true on your course and it will be okay.


Angel Chiasson

Hey Misty, just popping in to catch up with what is going on with you...and it looks like what is going on is a lot of beautiful new work. I love it!
No matter the frequency, what you write and say here, always feels like a familiar sweet song. thanks for sharing!
p.s. pre-ordered your book!!! Big congrats, I cannot wait.

Catherine Witherell

Dear Misty who's grown into a woman, I met you way back when our blogs were the most exciting contact into a world almost unknown to us at the time. We were artists and we had kids and that was our life. One day we met by accident or intent and my heart leapt inside me because I saw how perfect you were even in your shyness and me in mine. The years passed and our kids are growing and we are older and wiser and still perfect even for all the things that have happened to make us sad and happy and everything in between. Our whole life is our creation and that is how the voice expresses itself in all the things that matter to us.

We are stronger and we remember the good things and keep our attention on those things that make us happy.

I LOVE the flowers you are painting on them! Beautiful interpretation!

(and I still love you)

Susan Tuttle

You are a most lovely soul with a very strong voice that permeates all that you do. You are soft, gentle -- and there is a very bright light that comes from you. you shine.

I am in love with your latest paintings -- they ooze with springtime glory. Mmmmm. Thank you for sharing them.



Misty--I've felt such a similar thing--I also started blogging in 2005, and like you have felt my voice changing; what I share, how I share....

I'm so glad you're still sharing. I don't comment enough. I love your words--and this images are spectacular. That last one, oh, how I love it!

deb taylor


I have followed your blog, listened to your voice via paintings and the written word since you began..way before I even started my own blog. You have always been my Muse. Now, yes, things have changed, and although you are still my Muse, I have become my own Muse in so many ways. Ah...no need to dabble on here...just know that it is still so wonderful to come sit with you for a while here, and now. xoxoxo


you have been such an inspiration to me...

i have only been online a little while, but check here when i can to see the lovely art & music you share.


Gloria Martin

Misty, your art takes my breath away...
The beauty, the depth. The intense range of color, mood, darkness, light, emotion, and spirit. My eyes tear with fascination.
Anxiously awaiting your new book!

Liz Ness

As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of your work. Still, every time I think ooh-la-la, it seems to develop and get even better and better! How can this be? I love all of it and the newest ones blow me away. So beautiful, thought provoking, and full of rich textures and ideas. AWESOME!


Your words and art makes my heart sing ~ Blessings to you ~ Katie

Nancy Johnston

Wanted to thank you for the Hampton workshop (cover to cover) and a fun day. Congratulations on your new book.
And YOUR WEBSITE ROCKS! Beautiful work plus the photography.

Did I by any chance leave my Ranger heat gun in your classroom, though?

Thanks again,
Nancy Johnston

Elise B.

Hi Misty! Congrats on your book! Cannot wait to buy a copy. I am 48 and am still wondering who I am..I recently found that trying to articulate the process in words makes it much harder...

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