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March 09, 2011



oh misty, these are all so incredible - deep and soulful beauty. i wish i could take this class your're teaching in squam, lucky students!

i too have fallen for mumford and sons (marissa's brother-in-law turned me on to them and Florence and the Machine. I love that my younger friends keep me up to date with music.

can't wait to see you, soon, soon!!! xoxox


there you are sweet thing....i'm so happy to see you :)


Wow, really love your work!

Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

Misty, your work never ceases to inspire. These are over the moon beautiful. Your Stretching Within class was fabulous and I can't wait to take more from you!!


Michele from Pipi La La

Oh Misty! Golly how I miss taking your class - so, so much! I cannot wait for the next. ☺

Your work, as always, is stunning and utterly captivating. Oh, and I am with you on Mumford and Sons!

Much love to you! ♥

Adrienne Berry

Lovely and amazing paintings as always! They are so mesmorizing...We are back watching too, isn't he amazing! Did you see when he sang Maggy May? Uhh...he is a natural!


the second painting from the last--GOD. i think my soul just did a little dance.



These pieces make smile. They are filled with hope and joy and faith. I thank you for sharing so much of your passionate self.



They are all incredible!!

I'm in your thursday class at artfest~woot, woot!

Gina Cuff

I'm hooked on mumford and sons too, Misty! I'm afraid I have the volume up way too loud when I'm driving, but I just can't help it!

Gorgeous work, by the way. :)


beautiful, lovely drawings. Peace comes from your soul. I love the Oliver poem. It makes me think of passages in Marilyn Robinson's Housekeeping. Have you read it? You might like it. xo, Cheryl


the soul depth of this new art, the freshness of the poem, the music (my new fav too!!) all so wonderfully full of grace & loveliness. your heart is overflowing into mine~
love & blessings,


lovely to see your writings and paintings again Misty!

I do love to watch American Idol, i think i have watched it every season. It is so different than we have in Finland, there is so much talented singers in USA. My favorite is Jacob Lusk, he reminds me of Antony.


Hi dear Misty. Feeling connected ...

My soul breathes.

When I'm like this there's silence

I have sounds as well ..

MistyMawn blogspot is deep.

In year two (6-7 yr olds) I helped the other teachers give a portrait class. They had the eyes too high:-)

It was good connecting my artist and work persona.


LOVE your photography, Misty. I'm the slacker student and am dreaming of making art- been sick and swamped with work. If I can plan time to work on art this weekend- I will hit your demos from SFW. ♥

Jennifer White

You said "unfurl" .... can't wait for Unfurling, you know...the studio hibernation over the last few weeks has paid off. You're delving in to some pretty amazing new colors, like Katie said...very deep and soulful colors...bravo, you continue to inspire me, dear friend... xoxo


Misty - these are so incredibly soulful and inspiring! Are any of them for sale? I'm in love with the one of the three girls and the last one... I just looked in your etsy but don't see them, so here's hoping!
Much love, and thank you for sharing your heart and beautiful talent <3

Susie LaFond

totally love Mumford and Sons. YES indeed.
Your newest work is amazing as always, still enjoying all the sweetness from so many new art friends from the class and sooooooooo glad I could be among so many amazing and supportive women. It's good to see you again here on your blog. :)

Tina Cully

These are absolutely gorgeous. I am loving the darker palette you have chosen- very bold yet authentically you! Seeing these makes my anticipation for Artfest and your class only grow!! Thanks for inspiring with your lovely work, as always :)


Lovely as always...I hope we connect at ArtFest. I didn't realize you had another blog and was wondering where you have been.


Gorgeous. The poem goes beautifully. I too am a huge fan of the Mumford and Sons album. So good.

Robyn of Studio Lila


Susan Tuttle

hello Sweet Misty:)
I can just see the lovely surprised look on your face when you discovered those blossoms. Spring is unfurling. Each day I see more grass and less white stuff.

Your photoblog is full of such passion -- all the things that are important to you -- and that is most beautiful.

I am enamored by your latest paintings -- your work always has that effect on me.

I hope you are well:)


lorraine lewis

i am so glad i stopped by today...i have missed you here!
your work is wonderful- i always feel inspired and your photoblog is stunning.

have a beautiful weekend dear misty.

Olive Appleby

cant wait for your book to come out here in UK, I've got mine on pre-order. I love your paintings...... hugs xxx

kim beller

these are so beautiful~
thank you for always sharing so much of YOU. incredible and lovely.


Hi Misty, this is just a test for now to see if this post will work, I couldn't post some days ago and maybe others can't either as the number stays the same 24 for some days.

I will be back with some other meaningful converstaion later if I can.

Christina Carnoy

Beautiful paintings! I was wondering when you will offer the online course again. I would love to take the course. Is there any way to go through the course now or is it totally closed and over and done with?


Hi. I was talking with someone about online workshops and I believe that your name came up as a good match for my needs. I don't see any online workshops listed here, however. I won't be able to get to Art and Soul or Squam this year, but if you do have online courses, I would love to learn from you.



Hello Misty, If you keep lists, could you put me on one to maybe inform me when you expect to have your next online class, end of 2011 or 2012. Thank you.

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