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May 25, 2011



Earl Grey :)

Dotty Young

Starlight? Her eyes looked so big that they seemed to twinkle w/ starlight.


Misty I think she should be called Button 'cos of her sweet button nose...I did already suggest this on your fb post but now I see you are looking for a name so fingers crossed your family like my suggestion :)

Sue Shotwell

We had a new filly born on the farm last Thursday. And we've been trying to settle on a name for her. We're leaning towards Jasmin. Maybe Jasmin would suit your little one too. She's a real cutie, she's blessed to have found you all.


She looks like an Imogen to me.

Shelley Freeman

Hello Misty, i did your onIne course which was the first I have ever done ithas opened a whole new world for me. Thank you so much.
As I am South African my contribution is the name "Nandi". Princess Nandi is the mother of the legendary zulu "King Shaka". Can be pronounced Nandi as in Mandy or Nundy. She looks like a little princess Nandi. Lots of Best wishes Shelley
P.S. i love the look on your childrens faces, what an amazing surprise.

Pam Kirshenbaum

She has an "M" on her forehead! So you how about Mimi (meme). MY daughter calls me Shayna Mimi....Don't ask. hahaha
Actually, Shayna is beautiful and Mimi is mom.
Pam :)


My suggestion is Dorian (Dori)Gray...since she is a gray kitten.


Here's one more...since you are an artist, how about Frida? Or Kahlo?

Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

Hi Misty - I was thrilled to receive your book yesterday. It is as beautiful as I expected it to be. :-)

Names for your cute kitty:

Zita/Zeta: Italian for 'little girl'
Allegra: Italian for 'cheerful' and 'lively'

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

<3 Angela


i'd call her sweetpea.


such a cute kitten!

how about Chibi? (which is a Japanese word meaning "short person" or "small child"
: .)


How about Missy as a name, she looks adorable and she needs to reminded that she is a little lady so Missy might do the trick :)

kim beller

awwww......too cute. what a love~
she looks like an elsie to me.
and your children look so excited! my girls have been wanting a kitten for so long....but we have and 18 year old tabby that might get upset... (abby the tabby)----- that's another good name ;)
have fun with that sweet baby.

Michele from Pipi La La

I think the little kitty looks like a Beth. Your children look rather delighted with her!

Tammy Olson

My 3 y/o daughter saw the picture and said she should be named "Mia" (me-a), just like me" Her real name is Amelia, but Mia is what she calls herself.

Tammy M

oooh! shes so wonderful!! She looks like an Olivia to me. Olly for short! teehee! oh I hope your kids like old fashioned names! Or maybe Isabella? she could definitly be a Bella too! xoxo I made my first ever art journal page last night after reading your book Misty! {{hugs}} Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. And I so happy you are able to post here again more often! I missed you. :o) (I put the journal page on my blog if you want to take a look. ) Good luck with the naming party!!

cynthia stroo

She looks like a BISCUIT to me.

Jessica W.

What an adorable kitty! I hope you share her name with us when you decide!

Jesscia Herman Goodson

How about Clover?


She is so sweet! I was going to say Button too-because of her nose-but I see Lyn has already said it-so that is two of us! We had no end of difficulty naming our kitten last year, but then just went back to the name she came with-Cassie-as that was just the right name!

teresa sheeley

I have two older little ladies that look just like her; they both have simple names:

Baby & Annie

I hope your little one brings your family much joy & laughter.

The Noisy plume

Is there anything sassier than a wee kitten?
I'd name her Miel -- sweet like wild honey...

valeri blossom

hi misty! what a giveaway, holy moly! i'd be happy winning the book BUT AN ORIGINAL!?!?! good luck, everyone!

i'm going to have to go with violet or violette or violeta because that is what she whispers when i look at that adorable photo of her ;)

kathy dorfer

she looks like asia to me.

Kim Rae Nugent

The first name that popped in my head - Darla.
A new pet, the richest present that one can give themselves. She is adorable!


She's a cutie. Love those big ears (which I'm sure she'll grow into). How about Foxy!!!


i think Willow would be very cute. :)


I love the artwork - thanks for such a great giveaway! How about Rosie for the kitty? I like it. :)



valeri blossom

or cleo...cleo could totally work for her ;)

Kim Scott

Hi Misty,

I thought Whimsycurl coz for me her shapes are curly.

or Pangur Ban http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTiSak8r9P8

I see the kids are over the moon.


She looks like a Duchess to me...regal with a touch of curiosity and mischievousness about her as well.

francesca dileo

oh my. how sweet. i say call her 'Bella', because your little kitty e propria bellissima...


TE Willans

ah she looks like my boy when he was a baby. and he was Mr Tippy Toes, or tipster or Mr Purrfect, or Fluffy Pants. Feel free to use any of these.


Well our little pussycat was called Sukie, even before we got home, a name he lives up to. As a child we named our cats Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie (after the gumnut babies by May Gibbs) followed by Waldo Kitty. That aside, my daughter thinks Jupiter for your little kitten. Enjoy those kitten days, they grow up way to fast.

Lorri Scott

Name the kitty Phoebe ~ The meaning of the name Phoebe is 'bright moon'. (we're all assuming it's a she?)

judy Wise


I like names with eeeeee on the end. :-D


I love the M on her forehead - and the name that popped into my mind was "MoonPie".

We now have one boy kitty and his name is Ramses...

Before that we had four other cats Misha, Mirin, Milo and Boris. (I guess we like M names... ) You'll have so much fun with your little kittie!!

Warm greetings from Savannah! Silke


Hi Misty. I heard Minkie when I saw her face.

C. Robin Janning

I think Patricia (Pitty Pat) would be a lovely name.

Susie LaFond

Whispers. I do say tho, I pretty much love Earl Grey. I also think Midnight or twilight are sweet given the colors of the fur. Very sweet to say the least.


what a sweetie!! how about
kiki, roxy, itsy, or pixie?

I had my hubby order your book for me ages ago. So, I've been waiting and waiting and it turns out he never ordered it!!! What a punk!
So now it is ordered. Can't wait to get it.

Big hugs!

Angie Platten

So cute! She needs a name with an 'M' to match the 'M' on her head! Maybe May, for the month... or Molly or Maggie.

Congratulations on the book! So exciting!

Julia Dean

Hi Misty,
I like the names:
or Pippa



Linda Holmes

Lulabell or Lulu :)


We have a tabby like that his name is Hermie, how about Hermyinie. I can order soon your book from where I order June 1.
I got to see some pages when I was at the Barnes and Noble web site and it really is beautiful.

BTW we love this type of Tabby they are such loving cats and not at all hyper, of course a kitten tends to get a little hyper.

Enjoy your work nearly every week, sometimes I just use Google images and there it is.

lisa ferrante

I think she looks like a Delaney !


Our cat who looked just like that as a kitten is Sam (short for Samantha, but always called Sam).



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