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May 25, 2011



I loved the Madagascar movie, especially the character of King Julian who is a lemur, your little kitten reminds me of him - his name was



moonbeam~ she's beaming so much love into your family's hearts, what a sweet blessing!!
just rec'd your wonderful book in the mail today, and i can hardly wait to open it, to curl up with the unfurling wonder of it all!!
love you & thank you for sharing such treasures with us all misty~


She looks like a Tigger like from Winni the Poo.

Soooo Cute!


she looks like Pearl, Shy, Drop, Dew, or Crystal to me, but i also like Earl Gray and Lulu :)

I received your book yesterday - love it!!!
I'm sure your children will find the right name ;)


i was gonna say ms. grey, but then i saw everybody else had that same idea. what about grady, graydon or ? i don't know. why don't you stick with pretty girl? i think that's rather cute.


What a little cutie! I'm a sucker for French names..What about:
1. Penelope
2. Sylvie
3. Anouk
4. Zoe

So many to choose from! And I'm sure I'm not making it any easier with all my suggestions, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit for her!
PS: Misty, just ordered your book!! SO excited to get it, will let you know as soon as I do! I already know it's going to be a fave... Congratulation on such an accomplishment!
Much love, xox

Pam Holderman

Ok how about Unfurling, Blossom, Soul or Seed - all from the first pages of your book? Can you tell the book is open right next to me? Hee hee hope this gave you a chuckle...


thought of another (am I allowed?)

How 'bout Scout!!!
I thinks it's cute!

lynda crawford

Hello Misty , it is Lynda from Bowie, Md. I am so proud of your accomplishment. The book is a beautiful gift I will cherish. Thank you for sharing yourself over and over again.Oh yes , the name for the kitty she looks like a Chloe to me.Lynda




Is her motor running? Yes? Call her Evinrude

Jennifer White

Dylan... get it?

Samantha Conklin


What a darling new addition to your family!


your kitty is so adorable.. she looks like a precious or a miracle :)


I vote for Midge or Joy!


What about Chloe, Zoey, orHarper?

lorrie spotts


Love your new book, I have been enjoying it all week.


i love the idea of someone coming up with a name, but i know those two adorable loves of yours will come up with the best one, so best of luck!
p.s. my vote for our last cat was Dan D. Lion, but my then 10 year old was having none of that nonsense. and now he's graduating and still will have none of my nonsense. xo sweet one and love the book, which came today, just in time for summer break!





Carol Weiler


Robyn Thayer

To grow into.

Sharon Tomlinson

Just Pug. I know it's not a good name but that sweet little pug nose is the first thing I see.

Monika Schmid

Hi Misty, Here are a couple of my name ideas for your adorable kitten: Sashimi, Tigre (pronounced "teegray" = italian for tiger), Grigri (from french meaning grey), Minoush, Piroshki, Mimi, Guadalupe "Lupe" for short, Lady Tibbles, Guinevere, Sirikit. I hope you don't mind me putting all my name suggestions in one post;-) xoxo

Sheri Weistaner

My cats are Sophie and Olive. I love girls names for cats. I recently heard Lola and decided that would be the name of my next cat. It might be a fitting name for yours as well.

Linda F

Finnegan. Your kitty looks a bit like an Irish leprechan!


How about "Leesah" (Lisa) or Missy. She is an awfully cute kitty!!!


Okay dont kno if it's cheating to post again but I thought about it some more and what about Maggie????


I suggest Bella or Dulce (Spanish for sweet). Whatever you name her, she is beautiful.


Misty, I LOVE the photo of your children with the kitten! Your son is looking at her with such admiration and awe...he is smitten!
Ok, so the name Esmeralda popped into my head...you could call her Esme for short :-)

Congratulations on the newest addition to the family! Cats bring joy into our lives...there is no doubt about it!

Ok, must go back to reading THE NEW BOOK!!! yay!


Lynn K

Spice, Spicer or Spicy... the colour of her cute little nose that looks like she's dipped it in a pot of cinnamon ♥


I´d call her PUS, norwegian for kitty. Pronounsed with a very long U. It´s got both the p and the s in the name, with are sounds cats react to.


E.T, means equilateral triangle, as her so so so sweet head!

jodi ohl

Hi Misty, what a cute kitty~She has a bit of salt and pepper in her so how about Pepper? Or maybe one of my favorite names, Piper? Congratulations on your new book, I have it on it's way. Mary Beth's book looks awesome too, what a great idea to combine two great loves of cooking and art together!


With that photo... Sibbling!

Cathy Wegner

She looks like an Evie to me. Adorable!


How about "Petal"? hmmmm...picking names is tricky. Thanks for your post today Misty. I have the somerset issue, Mary beth's book AND yours! Love 'em ALL and would love to win your piece:) In the meantime, enjoy your new furbaby!


I know its a "boy" name, but I think Ringo would be cute because of all those adorable rings around her sweet little body!




My niece adopted a street dog while living in India. Every time she went to buy flowers, the dog would follow her around. Eventually, it made its way into her heart and home. She named it Hamara, which means "ours" in one of the Indian dialects. A fitting name for a beautiful animal. Your little cat is adorable and lucky to have made its way to a loving home.

Vicki Sheehan

how about Magpie, Kit Kat or Rafi (short for Raphael, the painter)...


kai suggests "Wiskers", i thought "Mischief". she is precious and boy did she find a loving home.


Nothing exotic here, how about Sugar? Plain and simple cause she looks so sweet.

Susan in Seattle

What a sweet face! You could call her Miss Michaela and Caela or Callie for short. Or Missy. Your daughter looks absolutely delighted!

Robin Bach

Hermione from Harry Potter, she looks as if she is very good at casting spells :) I just received your book yesterday and I CANNOT put it down - it wonderful, more than I had hoped for. Thank you!!!!!


Oh my you already have quite a list so I will add a few names here. I love to pick cat names. My cat, which looks similar to yours is named Circe (pronounced sir c).


Just to add a few.


Foxy, just seemed like it would fit.

Chris Meissner

Hi Misty, I love the brown on her nose, I think "Chai" would be fitting. I am loving your book. Just beatuful!


wow. so many cool names. my son would die for this sweet little kitten. he thinks "mouse" would be great. and he noticed there's sort of an M-shape on her little forehead :)
congrats on all the rest. it's always so inspiring to read your blog!


milly, reyna, ella...xox

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