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May 23, 2011


Mary Beth Shaw

Lovely pieces!! And I love Haley's version of House of the Rising Sun. Can't get enough of it. And that Florence song you turned us on to....:) You're my music guru now.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...my book came late tonight as the mail lady is dragging. and wanda is dragging tired after work and stuff today...so she peeked at 2 pages...but then closed it. she will look at it tomorrow morning when she is fresh and awake...otherwise she'd be awake all night long pouring over each page. i can dream about it this way, even more! mary beth is right about the "music guru". i suspect many of us are in deep trouble ordering these wonders...love it love and thank you thank you! xoxo

Tammy M

Misty Misty!!LOVE Love your paintings!Sigh. Thanks for making such beautiful art. Still anxiously waiting for your book :o) Big grin! yay!! It's like christmas, except I can't squish the package! haha! Hope you are having a blissed out week full of joy!! xoxo T.

Kim Scott

Misty, my book is on the way and Im hoping it arrives before I go for holidays. I keep checking the mail box every day. Im so proud of you. I have no idea if I have a right to be or not but I AM!



nicole austin

gorgeous paintings and photos! i am awaiting the arrival of your new
book. it should be arriving in a few days. yay! i love that song, "pumped up kicks" it gets stuck in my head and makes me smile. ;)

Jenny Petricek

I love your paintings and pics! I'm amazed by how the ladies' faces are so detailed that they look as though they could have been photographed with a camera!

Kathy Kenney

My book is here... now THIS is the book I've been waiting for! The best invitation I've seen to dig into whatever's in front of us and make it our own. Thanks for sharing what you do.


these paintings are breathtaking! great work misty!

Sharon Tomlinson

Hello sweet one, It makes me so happy to see what's on your easel. Expecting big mail tomorrow....can't wait.


thanks for giving me something beautiful to look at today....your faces always sink deep into my heart and dance.


beverley shiller

Hello Misty - my copy of your book arrived today and I am thrilled! Love it! Thank you for the book and your wonderful blog always filled with inspiration and thought provoking art, images and poetry.

Frankie Kins

I am expecting my copy of "Unfurling" today. It's so hard waiting for the mailman!


Misty, received your book yesterday. it is amazing. It is so YOU!. I love it.

Ellen Goodloe

It came and is beautiful and informational! Thank You!!! I can't wait to sit and take it all in.


I rec'd my book today and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I will be up late tonight, it is beautiful Misty. peace

Jennifer White

Speechless. Stunning. Love you.


I LOVE what is on your easel. And kittrs name? Stripe.
You can call kittrs Fruit Stripe when he is crazy. :-) Love your stuff.
xo, Cheryl


can i get a great big woot woot? kidding, um, ya, i am really digging ur painting on the easel, misty mawn.


i literally gasped out loud when i saw the painting on your easel...i think it's my favorite of all of your works...but i love them all all ways


Misty, these paintings stopped me in my tracks! They are breathtaking! You never cease to amaze me...the depth of beauty that you can create.

My copy of your book came today, and I just sat down to open it. Of course, I first started at the back, where your picture is...and that made me smile. Then, I opened to the front...and by the time I got to the contents page...and that Anais Nin quote, and your artwork in the background...the tears started. I am just SO happy for you...and so happy you wrote this, and are sharing this with the rest of the world.

This book is uniquely you...and I can hear your voice, as I read the pages. I am going to savor each and every page...and then tell all my friends to go buy their own copy (no way are they borrowing mine!!!)

Just really happy for you...this book is a piece of art on it's own. It's beautiful! And something you should be so proud of!

Sending hugs from across the states to you!


Oh gosh! I forgot to tell you I have your wonderful and inspiring book...just got it in the mail. I love the recent postings of your work...I love all of your work!


stunningly hypnotic....xox~


Hi Misty,

Unfurling (such an apt name as I look around me and new life and flowers are blossoming everywhere), is as gorgeous and delightful as it is inspiring and informative!! I look forward to many happy sessions with it.

Your paintings are amazingly soulful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much of your wonderful self with us!

Lots of peace and joy,


I visit you often...but can't always find words to express my delight...You inspire me so much and your book is totally AMAZING!!!
Thank you so much for a chance to be the lucky winner of your giveaway.
The first thought that came to mind when I saw your lil kitten was "PRECIOUS"
Brightest of Blessings to you and yours!


Just wanted o say your book is fantastic. I knew it would be great, but it is even better than that. I am enjoying it very much.


A name for your beautiful kitten... Lola or Loli...


Your book just arrived yesterday! It is lovely and has some of the best instructions I've found for drawing faces. Just want to sit in a quiet corner and soak up the images. The entire book is lovely.

Scarlett Fiona Reed

Hi, I just found you through Jenny Doh and the reverse auction. I love your work and your beautiful blog! I think I need to go and buy that saint painting right now...


Gorgeous easle painting. Great photos - what did we do before our telephones could take photographs?

Teresa aka Tess

Your book is out already? Oh my gosh, I've got to find it. I so love your art and you are such an avid muse. Amazon, here I come. Oh wait, I'll call Hasting's first.

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