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May 31, 2011


Jenny Lee Wentworth

Congrats to Irma...Lucky lucky lady!
She looks like a Ruby. Here's hoping big brother jazzy will come around. :)
Much Love,

Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

Such a cute name! Yes, Irma is *very* lucky! Love, love what's on your easel - beautiful as always.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

LOL I was wanting to say another name I was thinking of for her, SassyFrass!! Lucky Irma and lucky Ruby Moon!!


what a perfect name, so sweet. and a good idea for getting tons of input:))
your new painting is EXQUISITE! XOXO

Mary Beth Shaw

I *love* that name. Oddly enough, my grandsons have a pet snake named Ruby. Isn't that funny? as in weird funny not ha ha funny.
Love your Mom's etsy shop.
I still think Jazzy will come around. Having been through this a few times, I have found that, with older cats, it takes about 2 weeks and then they will start acting better.
Love the new piece :)


Great name for the kitty!
I am loving your new book!!! Congrats on an amazingly written, photographed and designed book!

Jennifer White

...and if Jazzy (by chance) just can't stand the heat and needs to flee the kitchen, you know it's just a short drive to my house where he can rule the roost. Your weekend looks like it was splendid based on these pics and your Instagram posts....so good to be right there with you every day...see you soon... xo


jazzy...i can hardly picture him being a stinker, in my mind he represents the perfect cat. i wish i had a jazzy, but i have a carly:-)
thank you for sharing your days in photo. i sure do miss you, so much. xoxox

PS lucky jennifer, sounds like a trip in the future. it makes me happy to think of you two together.


ruby moon is perfect!

I am loving' Eddie Vedder's ukulele songs right now.


Gosh. I love your new painting Misty. Ruby Moon looks so settled in already!

Irma P/

Thank you!!!
I am speechless, at a loss for words, and still in a state of disbelief. I actually went back to reread the post because I thought maybe the giveaway was for an autographed Somerset Studios issue :):):)
This is such a meaningful piece that I had a connection with from the time I saw it. It will be treasured and hung in my art studio to inspire me.
So grateful,


aw, i like it! ruby moon....that's so soulful and pretty. :)


An adorable name!!! Love your weekend photos.


this was so much fun and ruby moon is a gorgeous name. i love her latest sleepy photo and your latest painting too. as i said before on another post, i love to see color coming back into your art.


i love ruby moon.....

it's kind of funny...maybe we have a "thing" as my old portrait photography blog that i just changed to a new name WAS ruby luna.....you can't get much closer than that !!


Ruby Moon is sooooooooooo cute!!!


i love that jazzy is in a box that says, 'pick your own strawberries', seems like perhaps something he would say right now. xo
oh, and two word names for cats = love

Tara Powell

Congrats, Irma! Ruby Moon is a great name.
I adore what's on your easel, Misty! Beautiful palette you are working with.


ruby moon looks so sweet! love "on the easel" stunning! ciao!


Hi Misty
I just had to let you know I received your fabulous book today, a big congratulations, it's one of the best books I've seen for awhile. I love the format and the layout with such inspiring techniques too. Definitely at the top of my list of books.


I am completely smitten by Ruby Moon ~ such an adorable little Miss! I love the way kittens roll their way into our hearts! I also adore your photos ~ so beautiful. Blessings to you.

valeri blossom

ruby moon is an AMAZING name!

Danielle Fraser

Dearest Misty, I have to admit that I am not a feline lover... (I think it's hereditary) However... Ruby Moon is absolutely ADORABLE! I'm sure he will be great company in your studio late into the night. Thank-you so much for the kindest trail of words you left on my blog the other day. My heart just about swelled to its maximum capacity. I'm counting down the days to ARTfest as well... and I am LOVING your newest painting! Thank-you for your generous spirit Misty. xo

Sweetest in the Gale (Sherri)

Your kitten is precious, and Ruby is a perfect name...we have a corgi named Ruby Rose. :~)

Misty, I've received your book and have so many real life demands that I haven't been able to crack it open yet. I would rather wait and soak it in when I can appreciate every page...once I do, I will add a review at Amazon. I can't wait to feast my eyes on your sage advice and beautiful artwork - have a lovely day!

Teresa aka Tess

Awww, Your kitty is so cute. THey are a bundle of motion at that stage aren't they. I am sure your children are enjoying every minute of it. LOve the name they picked. I think it suits her. Too bad I missed out o this naming. I love all of the possibiliites that were submitted.


Well certainly I now have this song in my head of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town"
I think that is Kenny Rogers and has nothing to do with cats, more like Vietnam I think. Lovely kitten and I do love cat feet. Our Tabby looks sort of like George W, bush when he squints. So insulting for me to say, but to whom?

Your book came today, The paper and colors with the writing are so nice and so you. It is just want I wanted and I didn't really want to know how so much as just have those pages, something more tangible than the internet. I am reading the how to tho as I am getting ready to go to the gym, and I do say I must remember that when painting. Or I must work harder on some particular thing.
The work is always changing. Anyway I am having such an enjoyable time looking and reading.


i really love your art but you're right about the need to mix it up at times...i truly believe our souls always lead us in the best creative direction if we stop and listen!!

Your kitten is soooooo adorable!!

Pixie Campbell

Mmm. Weight of Roses. This is a Goddess that speaks so clearly to me. I have had your page open in my browser for days, coming back to it and loving your writing, your photos, knowing that we were in such close proximity and able to hoe down together. I just adore you.

Janice Scherer

I'm always so excited and inspired when you update your blog. Beautiful as always! Ready for your next workshop and saving up for Italy in 2012!

Shelley Whiting

Your work is very magical and enchanting. I love the ladies. They are spunky and full of personality. Lovely and fun work.

brigid gallagher davies

dear misty- i don't know how else to contact you so here goes- i took a class with you at squam, and another one online both of which i loved. you autographed my copy of your book with the message to' "keep creating" and that's what i'm trying to do- iam writing an article about what we all do with all the journals we create and i wondered if you could share with me what you do with yours. i will be forever grateful- you have been such an inspiration to me-i carry your book with me everywhere. thank you so much for your time, and for all the inspiration.lol brigid gallagher davies.( if there is anything i could do for you, i would be honored!)

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