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May 07, 2011



hello beautiful misty! congratulations on the book. are you still holding it, looking it over, soaking it all in? SO happy for you and excited to see it myself. I just clicked over to amazon and saw that it is available as an ibook. my question is do the author's still get royalties for books in that format? still dreaming that one day I will get to take a class with you in person, but for now I have thoroughly enjoyed your online classes. happy mother's day to you misty! ciao!

Sherry Smyth

Your book looks amazing...and I love that you used the word "saturated" in discussing art!!!


I'm sure this book will be a best seller!!!

Mary Beth Shaw

Of course I have already pre-ordered your book and got notice it will be shipped earlier than expected. I.can.not.wait. Sooooooo glad you decided to do it because you, oh dear one, have so very much to say and share.

francesca dileo

misty so glad to see you back here! can't wait to get my hands on your book. it looks absolutely delicious. congratulations girl. you sure have found your wings and you're soaring. loving watching you fly.

couldn't make it to artfest or art and soul, but i will make it to squam. so excited to meet and learn from you, in person this time. i'll see you in the fall.



you have been so missed.....so missed !

is there anyway i can get an autographed version of your book ? it just won't be the same if i get one off of amazon, all cold and not having been held in your hands...



the art retreats sound incredible. i'm hoping to one day attend one and meet you.
and oh....i am just SO excited to go purchase your book. i know it's going to be amazing. :)

Renee Troy

So happy for you, Misty. I follow you and was so pleased to learn you are sharing yourself with the world. Can't wait to get my copy and read from cover to cover. Well done, I'm sure.
Have a glorious Mother's Day!


auguri misty! what a labor of love, but then again, that comes as no surprise because it seems that what you do is simply that, a true labor of love. excited for you, friend. xx suz


Dearest Misty,

I feel so blessed to have met you. Seeing you paint in person was like watching a perfect dance... Thank-you so much for sharing your gifts.

Getting a sneak peek of your book was AMAZING! It is hands down the MOST beautiful ART book I have ever seen. Congratulations dear Misty. I just know it will be a HUGE SUCCESS. Just holding it in my hands moved me...


Ellen Goodloe


I was in your 2day class at Art and Soul. Your beauty shines through in your art - thank you so much for sharing with us. I am so amazed at what you helped me find in myself and I intend to keep painting. I've pre-ordered the book and can't wait for it's arrival!

Thanks again and I hope to take more classes from you in the future...Ellen

Tammy M

yay!!!your back!! xoxox So proud of you for stretching your beautiful brave heart and giving us all a book!! I preordered mine a looong time ago, and I hate waiting so I am so happy it's almost here. Thank you for the awesome time at artfest, and I can't wait to see you again!! Blessings to you sweet Misty, and hope you had a joyful mothers day!! {{{HUGS}} Tam


So excited about that book, had it on pre-order since Christmas counting down the months!!!!


So so excited to sink into your book! It must be amazing to leaf through it yourself... xo!


I can't wait to get a hold of your book !!!! I preordered during your on-line workshop. I am so glad that you had wonderful cretive retreats. But it is good to see you back home, safe and sound and on=line once again.


You have been so busy, all things that fill ones spirit to overflow. Then all the over flow gets passed on and given with such joy.
It is a true gratification to share something you love, and in the end of the sharing you have more than you started with.

The art piece shown in this post make me laugh, the reason is that after this borken leg I have that leg one inch shorter and have been working on getting several pairs of shoes just right with add on to the soles. So it is like the shoe cobbler saying your shoes are ready to me. And, isn't it amazing that this man that does my shoes is still called a shoe cobbler at the cobbler shop.

Hope the coming weeks are just how you want them, I will order my book now, I am looking forward to it. Barnes and Noble said they would have your book June 1 so maybe it is there early also.


I can't wait to hold your bok in my hands too. I might just have to do a self portrait too!


i just got back from a surprise visit to my aging parents and aunt whose dying....misty, i laughed and cried when i read your post...as you continue to endear yourself to so many of us with simple day to day happenings...and then WITHOUT FURTHER ADO...i can't wait till that piece of you arrives in the mail. xoxo happy belated mothers day special ONE! xoxo


hope you've worked out that @sammiam is me on instagram and not some kooky weirdo stalker...
your book - sigh! i remember you saying you wouldnt, you couldnt, why me??? wow - how far youve travelled :0)
love to you xoxo


congratulations - lots of positive and wonderful things going on!!!


Ahh, Misty...there are so many of us patiently waiting for this book to be released via Amazon ;-) You have such a support system here...your students, your friends, your family...all excitedly waiting for this part of you to be shared with the world. Congratulations! We are so happy you finally did this!!! YAY!

Ellen Goodloe

Yea!! I just got an email notification that my book has been shipped!! I wasn't expecting it until after June 1st. Can't wait to get it...Ellen


I'm keeping my eye out for your book! Now I see (above) that some are getting theirs soon, so I'll have to order up!



Read the whole book yesterday, love, love, love!!!


I just bought your book yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so amazing!!!! that's how I found your blog

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congratulations - lots of positive and wonderful things going on!

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it's pathetic how few images i came home with from artfest. and i swear i say this every time, and yet again, there are only a handful of photos that i collected while away.


Hi Misty!
I can't believe I missed the announcement of your book.
Going to buy it now.
And I wanted to tell you that I really loved your Stretching Within last winter. It is hands down so far the best eCourse on anything that I've ever taken.
It is the first time I ever felt as if I could draw something that actually looked like something!!!
Thank you for your generosity and love.

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