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June 10, 2011


Sherry Smyth

Playing is essential...and I do hope you find the time and really make the time to play and enjoy the summer...children grow so quickly -- making those memories as one of the most important things we do as mothers. And through all that play -- your muse will more than likely return after the summer refreshed, restored and rejuiced!

Mary Beth Shaw

Little Ruby is soooo cute.
And yeah, I hear you about artistic direction. Good for you (!) taking the summer off. I have actually sublet a studio for 2 months to kind 'run away'and find myself. Ha! We could only hope. It is so hard to juggle it all and you are smart to allow play time with your family :)

Susie LaFond

Wishing you a joyous summer Misty. Your artwork always reaches right through to my soul and your Brian Andreas poem is one of my all time favorites, such a simple message but so very, very true. Simple pleasures are often the best and hoping your summer is full and over flowing with them.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

EVERYTHING is most Beautiful!! from the paintings, pics of the kitties, and your SWEET kiddies!!Yayyyyyyy! More pottery!!

judy Wise

oh my beautiful misty. i realized as i saw the picture of your children that i have thought of you as friend for as long as the distance between those two images, that i have watched your work change and grow and that i have come to cherish your time on earth very much. you voice is so powerful, so distinct.

your work in clay will add to your painting and vice versa. i am a firm believer in the search, the wild, brave search, in all directions.

thinking of you with affection on this fine june day. xo


oh gosh...i go from mixed media to painting to sewing to printing fabric and then back again. i feel so flighty and wonder if it's my age but then again, perhaps it's just me?
i'd love to see some of your pottery. :) just saying!
have a good weekend misty!

Jennifer White

I love that you're taking a break this summer....more time for life...which means I'll see you soon...xoxoxox


i can only imagine how beautiful your clay work will be....sigh.
i just wrote a post yesterday about looking for and needing a change. about the restlessness in my mind. is it this time of year that does that to so many of us?

i hope your summer is exactly what you want it to be....and more.


clay!!! yeah....it has been calling for you..xpx


i own that brian quote on a set of cards. when you wrote u were thinking of your art heading in a new direction, i immediately thought maybe she could combine her three dimensional pottery and paintings together, perhaps into sculpture. this was before i read the part where you said you may want to open your clay studio again. funny, or is it coincidental?

francesca dileo

oh my! these latest pieces are blowing me away! i can see and FEEL the changes in your art. i want them all...sigh. i particularly love the last one's message..!! stretching, and unfurling is all part of being an artist, I've learned that from you.. can't wait to see your clay creations..

we too are counting down the days to summer vacation.. here's to a wonderful summer full of adventures and sillyness, and enjoying family time.


p.s. what a handsome Romeo india makes (love that)

Carol Weiler

Play,Play,Play,-Grow,Grow,Grow! That is summer's greatest gift to us-so wise of you to fully embrace it with your beautiful children. Enjoy! I certainly plan to grow and change in my art with the wonderful techniques you have shared in your class and book. Thankyou. Peace and love,CW

Kathleen Botsford

I've left you a couple of comments on FB but I am not very good at it. No one ever replies which leads me to believe they never get the message. Your children have really grown. It does go fast. AND I love your book! I am glad you are thinking about clay again. I was wondering if those darling little pots in the book were for sale??? Miss you! xoxo Kathy


the photo of ruby is so delightful and i see you are painting prolifically and gorgeously.


Good luck setting up your clay studio again. I love that you wrote your words got lost in the dinner shuffle, but you heard them, and that is all that matters. So true!
Ruby is so adorable, as are your precious children. Have an incredible summer. I look forward to seeing your work along the way.
Peace and Smiles,

Donna Goff

Hi Misty, Good luck with what you choose to do next. I must say that I see a definite new direction in the paintings you have in this post...maybe you tried to accomplish this or maybe you don't see it yet... anyway... I love it..
just a thought/idea.. as for working with clay, I was delighted to see another artist I admire, sculpting the likeness of her painted creations.. maybe that would be a cool avenue to traverse.. your portraits would look awesome in 3d!!.. I'll include the links.
Peace, Donna Goff-- Instagram= dynathedog

click image for next picture



Clare W

I love the colours of your paintings - kind of old world, evocative, whistful.

Jenny Petricek

As a teacher and stepmom to a recently "graduated" 3rd grader, I can relate to the feelings of exhaustion and enormous sense of possibility that comes with the end of each school year and the commencement of summer. It's so necessary to have a summer break, to recharge batteries, try new things in order to evolve, and play. I look forward to seeing the results of your play as the summer progresses!


love LOVE your post as you welcome the summer with the kiddos! Love seeing your easel work as well..

Julie L

Happy Summer--I gulped down your book on the first reading; now, with summertime's slower (hah!) pace--I hope to try out a few things. I am not an artist, but I love your portraits--they speak to me--only portraiture I've done is photos of my grandchildren's faces--and my granddog...thank you for a stunning book..Julierose

The Noisy Plume

"wanting/needing a slight change in direction..."

I've felt the same shift lately...like I want something more and need something less. My compass is spinning.

Irma P.

Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing what direction your art will take.
I'm at a cross roads in my art right now. I know change is coming, even though I don't quite know in what form it'll present itself.
I finished reading 'Unfurling' last night. So much goodness in it! I so related to the poem "...greasy sausage balls on a paper plate, someone in a load voice proclaiming they once wrote a poem..." So true! Now I don't feel bad saying 'no' to invitations when I'd rather be making art. I might use this poem for a future project.
I especially loved seeing your Art journals. Left me hungry for more ;)


Hi Misty finally your book Unfurling arrived after pre ordering in January I never thought it would arrive. But it was so worth the wait. I am reading it from cover to cover, not something I always do with art books. Congratulations on such a lovely book. That little kitten is way too cute...


hello, misty :) i just received your book today here in england... and i'm soooo happy!! i've posted here http://decide-what-you-want.blogspot.com/2011/06/fabulously-happy-friday.html


Hi Misty!

I cracked up out loud when I saw the picture of your daughter playing Romeo. You see, I played Romeo when I was her age!!! Ah, the memories...

Enjoy the summer with your sweet kids. My sister, who is older than me used to say (regarding having young children at home): "Don't blink. Soon it will be over..." Her kids were gone to collage when she said that. Mine where still in diapers and pull-ups. Well, guess what? I blinked. My little girl just turned twenty. Although I still have my ten year old son at home, I can feel time's hand winding down and I am desperately trying to keep my eyes wide OPEN.

Misty, I just got your book and it is lovely! Savoring. Every. Page.

Your Birthday Twin


Dearest Misty,

I too will be taking it slow(er) this summer. Enjoy your summer with your babies...(furry and non-furry)

As for craving a new direction, keep listening...keep asking and then accept what you hear with your heart open and your palms pointed to the skies. I have no doubt wherever your creative journey leads you, it will be beautiful and true.

Happy playing. xox


This is my very first visit to your site Misty, and I just wanted to let you know I love your work. Your obvious love for your family shines through your paintings. They have such heart. Enjoy your summer with your children - they grow so fast and it is a time you will never get again. I know from experience! Enjoy ... And thank you for sharing so generously.


Such a sweet kitten! We just rescued an equally sweet tabby point siamese kitten from a bad situation. So much personality! We have lived with old and cranky cats for a long time now, she is a breath of fresh air and keeps me on my toes!

jennifer cabezas

These pieces remind me of the black and white class at artfest! I really loved that...it became so addicting. (of course it's pretty obvious I am addicted to your work, heehee) I love it all. You are such a wonderful soul xox

Julia Atwood

I am so happy I came across your weblog. Your work is wonderful! Inspiring! I would love to take your workshop! I have it marked on my calendar. Keep your fingers crossed I can scrap together the money to attend. That is of course unless I win the free class you offered. (A very wonderful offer by the way). I look forward to working with you!

Tracy Wallace

Hi Misty,
I was introduced to your site by Julia Atwood. I appreciate seeing your beautiful work. Congratulations on your book and am interested in your workshop as well.
Thank you,

Jill Turner

Yeah, I'm so pleased! I have been checking your blog frequently to see if you'd offer another online workshop since I missed the first one. I love your book Unfurling and I hope to participate in your workshop "Open Studio." Your work in many different mediums is very inspiring!

Kristine Lingle

Hi Misty,

I am savoring your book! Loved your icon painting workshop at SAW, and hope to do more over the winter.

So nice to see Wise Judy's photo on your blog.


Phyllis Tampling

Misty...I am so very happy you are doing another workshop....I plan on being there with you. This will be my third. You inspire me and have taught me so very much.
Looking forward to the new year to start learning from you again.
Thanks for offering your talents to us again

jaci pinge-swarts

misty.. as i look over your class info .. it stirs me .and my inner self says.. yes!!! more misty!!!!!.. more inspiration!!!!.. your class has such a feel to it.. :).. i can only hope i am there in the front row.. once again learning from y ou .. searching once again .... within... thanks for offering yourself and your amazing talents to us .. you have a great way of sharing these things with us.. cant wait to meet you in person .. artfest 2012.. ............... jaci..

Bebe Butler

will be signing up for sure..love your artistic style and have been looking to learn new techniques... so perfect opportunity!!

Julia Atwood

I have ordered your book. Should be here by the 5th giving me a whole month to get ready for the class. I have put it on my Christmas wish list. So...it should be a go! Can hardly wait for the drawing!


Hi Misty,

Took your class at Art and Soul, took your other on line class and hoping to take this one also!

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