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June 20, 2011


Carol Weiler

beautiful as always-happy summer to you-CW


My name is Hashi and I am (also) an instagram addict :-)

I love seeing your painting process, showing the layers you have built up. It's helpful to this novice painter, as well as being very beautiful. A mystery unfolding ...


love all. wish i could afford an i-phone, in the meantime will admire.


oh, and if i did have an iphone, i'd have this too:


Tammy M

oh wow misty!! This apinting is breathtaking!! LOVE it!! Hope Ruby Moon and all you guys are having an awesome week! This is my kids last week of school, then the summer. So excited that you might do a bit of pottery!! I would love to see some of your yummies. I have a parcel to mail to you...but our postal system is on strike...but just to get you a little excited that something is coming in the mail for you sweet friend!! :o)


Beautiful, beautiful as always. I've used this company a couple of times. http://www.americanarteditions.com/
I've gotten some beautiful prints on the rag paper (but you must be careful I got one print and scratched it by accident and the ink came off) They do pretty much any size and you get them in a day or 2.

Monika Schmid

Your latest painting is just stunning! Happy Winter Solstice from Downunder:-)xoxo


please please start offering prints! its the only way during this phase of my life i will have some of your art, and i need it! :) i really want that beautiful new painting.

francesca dileo

stunning, just stunning!!!

and what can i say except, WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO love that you'll be offering prints of both your artwork and photography. holy smokes. that's so exciting you and US.


can you believe i still don't have an iphone....before it was due to the at&t service that stopped me from getting one....now verizon has the iphone, but i can't upgrade until winter....arrrghhhh

missing you !!!

love what you've been working on !


Jennifer White

You know how I feel about Instagram...I wear out my battery 10x faster since I'm constantly uploading and "liking" ... wonderful idea re: the prints...xo

Pam Holderman

Gorgeous art! and I am the happy new owner of an iPhone...don't know how I lived without it and instagram. Have a wonderful summer with the kids and furkids too.


What a gorgeous blog- found after I got your book!!! WOnderful stuff. I can see I Will enjoy it here :)

Uhm, is that a dove shaped teapot? :)

Jessi W.

Hi Misty! This painting is stunning!!! I just bought your book yesterday and I've been so busy I haven't been able to get past the materials page yet - lol! LOVE IT!
Jessi xox

Jenny Petricek

Hey Misty! I am a great fan of your paintings...and this one is truly breathtaking!

Your photos are also inspiring...they move me to take out my camera and do some experimenting!


i just received your book, unfurling, and i love it.....

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Oooo I love to see the different stages, she's so peaceful...love it!
Happy Weekend to you and yours. :)

Michelle Brown

LOVE seeing the three different pictures of your canvas ~ you are amazing in that you keep going, adding colour and detail. I'm sure I would have been perfectly happy with it after the first photo was taken!

rusted wings

so beautiful to see life through your eyes, camera, paintings...ahhhh....prints would be wonderful!
love love

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

did i hear you say prints of your paintings?


at last, at last!


xo, graciel

Laura Taylor Mark

Hello dear Misty! Popping to let you know I just got your book - wow is all I can say, I love it!!! (especially the treat to play with at the end)

I posted about it here:

Have a lovely summer with your family, I bet your kids were thrilled to have their art featured in your book :>

Laura xo


Beautiful. Wish I had an iphone.

Shelley whiting

Your art is very soft and dreamlike. Beautiful and charming works.

Sweetest in the Gale (Sherri)

Finally, finally, finally...this morning I sat outside in my gazebo and experienced the beauty of Unfurling. Every page is inspiring, and having it in my hands just makes me want to go create something! I promised I would post a review on Amazon, and I just did that...thank you for a beautiful book, Misty - it's one I know i'll refer to many, many times to both each and inspire me.

jenny Hillandatree

This is absolutely beautiful


Wow, these are so amazing and delicate. Love the pale colors as well.~

tricia scott

your paintings and photographs are so lovely and tell such beautiful stories!

re: prints...i have only ordered once but had a great experience at mpix.com---just took a visit to site and didn't see the fine art paper i liked, did a google search and then found it at mpixpro.com


ps---we were grooving to the cd this morning--it has become a kitchen favorite. :)


just got an order from iprintfromhome.com and i was really happy with it and had to pop over to let you know...great prices and the prints looked great and they were packed very neatly... wishing you a lovely day!!!


beauti-licious eye candy!

Sarah Smith Photography

Love your new work and your instagram images. i've totally become addicted to instagram these days :)


So much beauty. love what you do with photos.


Liz Ness

I LOVE seeing what's on your easel. Also, that teapot is awesome (I have a little thing for teapots). =)

Thinking of you and wishing you many good things!

=) Liz




i know i say this every time i stop by here, but your paintings are just beautiful. every time. :) i always leave feeling so inspired.


I checked out your book from the library and am completely enamored with it. I am going to go buy it. It is one of the best well rounded art books I have read in a long time. It has completely inspired me. I finally started journaling in my braille book that I have had for a very long time. So, thank you.


It has been months since I communicated any thoughts to you, hardly seems fair when I think of you and your art nearly everyday as I paint and work to bring some of the feeling into paintings that I see in yours.
Your work has such a speaking depth. For 20 yrs. I was a family support worker and saw some of the same things in women's eyes that your paintings reflect. A seriousness about life, and not always serious we laughed also.

Enjoying your book still, huge amount of work, I always ownder if authors could scream when people say I read your book yesterday, and it took weeks and years to write the book, the same for a cook when family leaves the table in 15 minutes. Your book is go back to time after time to have the art spirit renewed.

So summer is leaving us and our minds fill with different things. YOur children have grown, I am sure in many ways.

thank you for the reminders of all the simple things. I am not a member of Face book or twitter so can't leave messages on instagram. The best of autumn,

Sharon Tomlinson

.......come back come back where ever you are..........;0)
miss you


i'm with you 100%...i LOVE summer and am always sad to see my kids go back to school and with everything that entails!!

congratulations the 4 mile run...that's an amazing accomplishment!!

ashley :)

Mpix is good for prints depending on what type of print your looking for I guess but they have great service.


Quietly beautiful photos... I just bought a copy of your book - in a country town in Victoria, Australia! It really inspired me and I made some crazy clay bowls today....


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