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September 09, 2011


Rose D., NJ USA

Love, love, LOVE your book!


Loved looking at your pictures and hearing, I mean, reading, about your summer. Sounds like you had a great family time! Love your work!

judy wise

What a sweet visit; we've missed you. And brava for running. I want ... Everything you did this summer - just beautiful. Thank you for taking us there. xo

judy wise

what I meant was that I want to be a runner too. :-P

Michele - Pipi La La

You are cool! and you inspire me to try new things - just not running. :-p


Ditto Michele, and ditto Judy (minus the running), Misty so proud of you though with the running, Bravo!!!
Gorgeous work, as always, so glad to see your back here, always a pleasure.


happy anniversary misty! i took up running last summer and i'm the same--i never would have thought. :)

Kay Ranft

Thanks for sharing your summer with all of us. Lots of beautiful memories! Love your photographs and artwork--so inspiring. I am not a runner and never hope to be (my knees would never forgive me!), but congrats on your major accomplishment. Don't stop now! :) So sweet to see you again.


welcome back. ;) i am always so sad to see summer go, too. but after 90+ degrees these last few days, i'm ready for cooler days. but sad to see the sun setting earlier each day. :( what fun to take up something new! running can be so freeing. i've always admired those who run for sport or for fun! so much to do, to see, to celebrate. life keeps marching (and dancing and singing and playing) on.

Sharon Tomlinson

Thank you lovely lady for this beautiful wrap-up of summer. Enjoyed every word and picture. It was like being there. WOW, you did the run and you look so happy in the picture. But my favorite pic today is the father-daughter capture. It has that specialness about it that tells a story. Showing up at your easel is inspiring. So, I shall do that this weekend too.

amanda jolley

The running thing, I get that! I've never liked running and for some reason began this past spring. And by golly, I'm actually enjoying it.
What an incredible thing to join your daughter in this. She will never forget.


hi sweet you....i'm so glad to come here and read about your summer and all the milestones.

life just continues to happen....and like you, i'm not letting it pass me by. instead i'm grabbing onto it's neck with all my might and strangling it to death...well, that sounds harsh and a bit gross, but you know what i mean :)

Nancy Melbourn

I have downloaded your "running song" and I am off for a long walk. I used to run, but my knee was causing me trouble and a wonderful Dr. said don't run for 1 month and that was it. I couldn't run anymore. Believe it or not that was 10 years ago. I still have the occasional running dream, but now I am forever a walker. So I've got my ipod all loaded up and I am heading out the door. Thanks for the inspiration with the running and the painting, and everything.


Really, really have missed your blog. And your art. But I understand that family/life takes priority.

Francesca Di leo

Nice to see you again misty. I've misses your posts. Glad houbara great summer. I'm now on my way to Boston for a few days before squam. Can!t wait for your painted icon class. See you soon xoxx

Tammy M

YAY!! you're back! xoxox Thinking of you lots over the summer, so happy to read you had such a good one :o) Your little owlet flew the coop a week ago. Hope she lands in your mailbox soon! MISSED YOU!! have a super week!!

Jennifer White

A perfect recap...love you and miss you...glad I was part of your wonderful summer (and you a part of mine as well)...xo


Looks glorious and sweet. So good to see you back in this space. You were truly missed.


thinking of you this early autumn.....x

Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

I'm happy to see you back in this space and hear about your full summer. Your new pieces are delightful.


Hi Misty! I found you this summer while reading an article in Sommerset - while you absorbed summer with your family, I absorbed all I could on your blog! And you book, which I love love love! I lost my way from art after college, you have helped to guide me back to it! I've not been this happy in a long time, reconnected! I'm so happy to see you'll be updating! :-)

Pam Holderman

so glad your summer was awesome... not ready for summer to be over either. i need more sun! running - not for me yet, but it is great to find a new 'thing' that makes your life zing isn't it?

Carol Weiler

Great to see you back!! And what an accomplished summer you had.your daughter is looking so grown up and seeing a little of her in your painting. A little more summer would be fine with me!!!!


yay! so glad you had such a fabulous summer creating & savoring the precious moments in your wonderful life. smiling at the glimpses you shared.


Janice Scherer

Sounds like a fabulous summer. Love how you shared it. I feel like I was right beside you, except when you were running. I can't see myself as a runner (either). Your new pieces are beautiful. You continue to inspire and amaze me. I've missed you and am so happy you're back. Any plans for a fall online workshop? You know I'm game!


There are a million things I want to say about your lovely visit here with us...but I'll just keep it to what Melissa just said to me over my shoulder:
"What's India doing with my future husband??!?!!"

Kelly Snelling

oh good golly i feel the same way! i hate seeing summer end. i get melancholy when those long days start to taper off. but it is so sweet that are running with your daughter. i admit i always tell my running friends that God gave me a car so i don't have to run. or i tell them that only thieves and children run. hee. :0) i used to run when i was in high school but only sprints. so i can run really fast but just for a tiny bit. now i walk as fast as i can and will do quick runs in the middle of it all. it is nice that you changed your mind because it seems like you changed your mind to be with your daughter. who is now 10! i get that, too! my oldest turns 12 next month and i almost want to cry, which is not like me. everyone says they grow up so fast but that doesn't begin to cover it. i think that as mothers we feel we are always young, always the same age, and the kids are zooming along almost catching up to us. i swear, in my head my son is still four years old and i should be taking him to preschool. but is heartbreakingly lovely to see them turning into these new people every day. is is so nice that you are celebrating that with running. hugs to you!


Oh my....all that in a summer! That sounded like the best! wonderful re-cap very much enjoyed it :)

Sherrie Drummond

Hi Misty,

I've signed up for your portraits class at ArtFest 2012. Really excited about it!

I was just wondering if you have an RSS feed? I didn't see one and I didn't want to miss it if you did. Thanks! sherrie

Eileen Weigand

Welcome to the world of running!! It is not going to be easy and it is worth it!! :) I've run on and off (races when I was younger and for myself now) since I was 11 ~ 30 yrs. I'm glad to see you running with your daughter- what a gift that is - to run with her! I know how precious your summers with your children are and am thrilled you had a lovely time with them. So glad you are back on line for those of us in adoration of you and your work. ;) Beautiful pieces again and I'm off to learn of your upcoming teaching offering. Have a lovely Thursday!! xoxo

Shelley Whiting

Your work is very lovely and magical I love all the rich imagery. Very unexpected and wonderful.


I have just discovered you and your work and your book, and WOW - I am so grateful for all the inspiration and most of all showing how we can create in different ways. I love painting/drawing/collage but also poetry/writing and other crafts, so I am finding your book an absolute treasure! I would love to do your latest online class but the cost is a bit beyond me at present - do you have any plans to repeat it later in the year? or, you mentioned an ebook possibility - that sounds good. And even better, I would love to do a class with you in person... but... I am in the UK! One day maybe. Thank you again Misty!

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