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September 22, 2011



I thought I couldn't love you more-- but funny how the heart works-- I love love love you so.

magical, magical MISTY.

xoxoxo, E


it looks so amazing. i definitely plan on leaving the nest and attending one day. the icon paintings are all gorgeous and so are you and your daughter! :)

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Oh Misty, it looks so beautiful! I definitely want to go someday. Happy for you to have shared in the magic!


oh how you have stirred a yearning in my soul to attend Squam next year! you have such a way with words...gorgeous writing! i am super excited about your next online class, can't wait to sign up, keep us posted on FB!


i remember the first year at squam like it was yesterday...it was the first time i ever really ventured from home on my own to a new place, not really knowing anyone....

what an experience....and now with your words here that i can feel so deeply, i think i want to go back.....xoxoxo

susan greene

It was wonderful talking with you at Squam and I am excited for your next online class.

miz katie

I grew up near Squam in the White Mountains. Used to take class trips there in the Spring. :)

Ooh, did you say online class? I can't wait to hear the details.


Beautiful writing... beautiful art... I'm so happy to have met you! Your class was such a wonderful experience, and how fun to see our little class photo up there! I only wish I could remember who painted what, as class was such a flurry of art making activity! You must send me our class photos :) I really hope I get to experience another Squam with you in the future. Oh and I can't wait to get your book <3

So much love,
~Brandi Marie

Francesca Di Leo

oh misty! my segue back to home is definitely bitter sweet. isn't it magical what happens when women come together; when you're chatting with people you love and admire; meeting new artists that become friends; when you connect with others, and most importantly connect with yourself. it was magical. it turly was. thank you for being a part of my creative journey. and thank you for being the impetus for me to finally make the plunge and attend squam. if only i weren't such an introvert, i would have found the words to tell you this when we were chatting. in real life. side by side. xoxx francesca


dear misty, every single photo, & all the words are completely divine!

Jennifer White

What a wonderful post..such beautiful words you shared...so happy you had an amazing experience. Love to you my friend.


exactly how i've been feeling this week - home now but my mind is still at squam in class with you ;)
it was magical


well said. It's all true. I have had a hard time figuring out how to put it into words.

love to you.


Jess Greene

So glad you had a wonderful time. Wish I had been there to share it with you. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon. xo Jess

rusted wings

i can hardly wait until the class next week when i'll see you again in portland...(after a crazy, busy summer with hardly any time to do art)...i so look forward to all the inspiration and beauty that travels with you to such art spots...so much LoVe<3
xo abigail

Carol Ann Simmonds

I love seeing the artwork and hearing about your time at Squam. It sounds like a wonderful experience, which I hope I can share in some day. However, I am taking your class in Portland and am super excited about that! See you soon.

lorraine lewis

It was a beautiful time spent at Squam. I fell in love with New Hampshire and all the beauty it possesed. And you dear Misty made the Squam experience incredible! I love painting with you- learning something new each time. I feel SO extremely blessed to have these opportunities to create with you and such lovely women. Thankyou with all my heart!

Mary Beth

Just beautiful. The pics, your words, the students, the teachers......well, all of it. And of course *you.*

Cindy S

I hopped over here after reading Mary Beth Shaw's Squam post and just HAD to comment on the fabulous image of your students' icon work. Great work by all, and a special shout out to the artist of the little rat icon - that one totally got my muse spinning! Thanks for sharing, Misty!


So much fun to see the work of the artists at Squam, I have looked a couple of times it is interesting to see how different each work is. Also the work in Somerset the newest Studio issue, (I think) All that is given by you in art and sharing enhances lives so much, a whole new demention opens, and we all need new when days get same.
I know that when I started painting faces nearly 3 yrs ago it was that way, and now when I wake up I always think do I have to start new or do I have something in progress that is feeling right.

have a great autumn, I always think it is a time of great inspiration . the children, they change so much so quickly. Also good running to you.


Hi, I bought your book and I'm keen to try the Stabilo Marks All pencil. Having trouble finding them - could you tell me where you get yours pleasee (hopefully online as I'm in Australia!) thanks, jo@fly.com.au


proof once more that we are all a gift to each other

you have certainly "unfurled" into a beautiful being


Did U SAY next online class! Oh yay. Please tell me when.

I might have to take time off work to enjoy it! :-)))

It is so good to hear you had a wonderful squammy time and I wish it could move to Sydney!

Love your icon class paintings.


This post was so much fun! It was so good to see pics of you back at Squam. I am guest posting the “5 In The Morning” weekly features for Seek Your Course Blog for 3 weeks and in this weeks post I linked to your blog - specifically the hand warmer post.

Thought you might like to know!!

Carol Soules


This is such a beautiful post Misty. I just bought your book and wanted to tell you how much I love it! Thank you!

wanda miller

oh how i miss your "often posts" misty. but am happy to see you living your intentioned life :)). i have been meaning to tell you that you DO NOT have to send me back my still life that didn't make it in the somerset issue. and that i am eternally grateful for the opportunity. xoxo


sitting where i am and wondering why i choose it over squam. there must be a lesson in it all, but i won't know what it is yet. missing you and the wonder that i see you had. much love and light your way. xo

Karen Tyrer

I've really missed your posts since this one, I hope you and your family are well, and are coming back to us soon. You are so talented and inspirational.




These are precious moments! She will be a woman in the blink of an eye. Nice capture this moment!


ordered your book last week and cant wait to get it:)

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