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April 16, 2012


samantha jenkins

I am here and still popping by! I've missed you and your beautiful work, so it's good to see you back :-)
I think the virtual world brings a myriad blessings, but also it's own 'problems', so I totally admire you for taking the time you need away from it all. I also love the last quote you shared. I hope one day to be in a place where I find my uncertain future inspiring, rather than frightening.
I'm just making sure I've got the funds in place to take your Open Studio class!! I need some Misty love! (Your absence made me really need your classes!! Could be an alternative marketing plan for you :))

Frankie Kins

I checked every day for a new post and finally, today, I was rewarded. Thanks for the update. I really miss your frequent postings (no pressure, no pressure). Have a great day, Misty!

Frankie Kins

Kristin Steiner

Dearest Misty....we can't wait to have you back in Italy with us! Your week was truly one of the most enchanted ever. No one wanted to leave the bird's eye studio, the soft embrace of gentle Orvieto, or you! We know this fall it will be even more amazing. Anticipating a magical adventure.

Judy Wise

Fabulous post; I feel you near. Thank you for the Billy poem; a new one to me. Love and more love.


you couldn't get rid of me if you tried.....of course i'm always here waiting for you to share you with the world.....xo


You're back! So exciting! Made my day. :)

Carol Weiler

Even though I've been seeing you in Open Studio it was great to see this beautiful post. Love the poem, music, and most of all the art.


So happy to see you here again. I'm reading The Hunger Games with my son too. I love it. Wish you could come be to see my 22 rose bushes. They are covered with buds and will be blooming very soon. The most amazing scent fills our home and our yard. Thanks for the kimchi recipes (have been wanting to try), the music, for everything.

Sharon Osborn

I am new to your blog. I'm not sure where I found you, but am so glad I did! Your artwork is simply amazing and inspirational. I enjoyed learning a little more about you. Blessings.

Susie LaFond

welcome home Misty...it's ok to take a break now and again, we are still here, peeking in, sometimes putting distance and time between your true, day in, day out life and the one you share on your blog...people who really admire what you create, understand how important your kids and family are and (they are growing like weeds) we are still gonna be here. I remember many posts back when they were just wee ones and your thoughts as each one began school...life goes on and on and a break once in awhile from the crazy 'have it now, do it now, split yourself in a million tiny shard just to keep up the pace...nah...kick back, paint, enjoy those 'getting bigger' kids of yours and keep your home fires burning...we know you will share when you can...we understand...your new art is awesome too!!!!!! Must check out your new music picks!


Good morning, I follow you around surely you have seen me out of the corner of your eye. usally I come to see in instagram and try to get centered back to my own thoughts about some art work, it is a study about being more free losing that upstight perfectionistic thing that can creep in all the time. The element of surprise for viewers seems important.
REading the peom, thinking of how days one can love everything, even the design of the coffee spills on the floor, then again that gets lost in the thoughts of daily pickup and tidy up. Sometimes the daily can really mess up the process, late at night it can all come back, me and the romping cats seem to find that a good time.
Ok I am writing a letter, I do that go off on something for a bit.
We have cliffs like youphoto around the St. Croix valley, you reminded me of what is just down the road. Thank you

Francesca Di Leo

that beautiful feather reminds me of the 'peacock lady', that i took home with me and hangs proudly in my dining room. xox



Really delighted you are back. Much Love Karenxx

Tammy M

{{hugs dearest heart!}} I always check...just in case, and YAY! Today was the day! Love your post, so relaxing to read about your last little while. :o) Sorry if I was too excited when I saw you at artfest! LOL! I just love seeing you, then I cant think of good stuff to say! haha! But I really missed having you this year. We will have to see what teesha and tracy think of next LOL!! blessings your way lovely lady!


LOVE the poem! And thanks for the book recommendations - I am reading young adult stuff at the moment and loving it... Can I recommend 'A Monster Calls'(amazing illustrations as well) and The Truth about Celia... Nice to see you here again...

sandy lupton

hi. still here. no worries. sandy


I passed by my computer a dozen times wondering why the sleeping screen was sparkling. Turns out it was you...visiting here...spreading your sunshine.


i still check from time to time. :) glad to see the update.

lorraine lewis

such a beautiful post sweet misty. you live a beautiful life and i love all that you share. all of it. xo

gloria martin

The poem is as beautiful as you, and everything you do! Thanks for sharing it all!!! XO


YAYYYYYYYYYY...inspiration, love and hope!!! i started laughing out loud after reading that maybe everyone had left...and then i see over 20 posts....HAR! misty, you hold magic in your heart and fingers that we love, and then you realease this to us...ooooooh, i thank you. welcome to SPRINGY times! xoxo


So wish I could be there to learn some more from you and Katie - that sounds divine - but maybe you will both come my way - yes! Come to So California in 2013! Bring the whole fam! Xoxo JenEve

Jennifer White

Lovely post from my BFF that I miss dearly...xoxoxox

Eileen Weigand

Oh, I am here!! :) I stopped by while you were away from blogging to see if you'd resurfaced and today was such a pleasant surprise! Yay, Misty's back online blogging. Gorgeous photos of nature, your son's dirty muddy hands are the best, I think. <3 And, on my goodness how I swooned over your new work... lovely!!! xoxo Happy Spring!!

Kathleen Botsford

Glad to see you back Misty but I so understand about the time thing. You young moms amaze the heck out of me with your energy and drive. Love you and miss you!

rusted wings

you have been sorely missed but this luscious post was worth the wait....even though i've known you've been as busy as a mama bee can be! you always light up my life!!
love & hugs ~


Beautiful post, Misty. Thank you for sharing.

Peace and blesings


rose anything...is my favorite, too. especially the rose petal tea and the turkish delight!

what a beautiful life you lead. you are a strong ray of light and hope in this world.


Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

Yay - so great to see you back here! I know you've been so busy, but I check back here once a week or so, just in case :-)

Love your latest paintings that you posted here. It's fun to see you explore new color palettes - though I'll always be the biggest fan of our cool-toned monochrome girls <3

Ah... The Book Thief - one of my top 5 all time favorite novels.


Oh Misty, sooo sooo happy to see you posting here again...I did keep checking :-) I've missed your "voice", seeing the world through your eyes and art. Love love the new art you are creating...and the new journals are sooo lovely!
I've been busy too, working on assignments from your super awesome online class earlier this year. It will take me a lifetime to explore all the art instruction you gave us! But that's ok...I can handle that :-)

Hugs to you, Misty!

Elizabeth Ann

What a lovely post! I am so smitten with that poem, he is a favorite of mine.


Welcome back Misty! Your post has indeed covered all said in your new banner! A delight for heart, vision and spirit!
Best to you!


still here! checking in now and then in between the chaos. just admiring all the beauty you posted. reminiscing about how much I enjoyed your last online workshop and looking into joining the new one. you are an amazing online instructor! the journals are gorgeous! happy day to you! ciao!

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