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June 21, 2012


Eileen Weigand

Thank you for the updates, Misty!! And the peek in to your summer! Beautiful pictures of times filled with light and love- a wonderful way to spend summer. And,congratulations on the show- it looks amazing!! Love to you and yours. xoxo Eileen

francesca dileo

beautiful new blog header... love love love everything you do girl. you're such an inspiration. enjoy enjoy enjoy your beautiful summer.. xoxo


So nice to see your beautiful pictures again and read your lovely words. So inspiring and I also love your new blog header.

Mary Beth Shaw

Ah, this update makes me smile. So great to hear what you are doing, the kiddos have grown sooooo much. And your gallery show looks divine. Miss you sweet girl :) xoxo

Carol Weiler

So glad you are savoring summer....also my favorite time of year. Hope the rest is as lovely as the beginning.


It looks all very idyllic


i'm always so happy to see you here....you've been missed !!...xo


THANK YOU for this beautifu and inspiring post! i love that i am ALWAYS insiRED by your work and the YOU that you are and that you shARE so much of YOUS with all uf us'! xoxo


So lovely...always lovely. Thanks letting us have a little look. Hugs!

Judy Wise

Beauty surrounds you because beauty's within you. Happy, joyful summer to you and your family dear Misty. Your photographs are astounding and congratulations on your show; you always inspire me.

lorraine lewis

I was so happy to come here and see this beautiful post. I agree with Judy- "beauty surrounds you because beauty is within you".. so very true. xoxo


Oh Misty...been missing you so much, your "voice", your visual imagery, little vignettes of your life, your art, your loves. I know this is your favorite time of year, as you get to spend it with the ones you love. So, I am wishing you a beautiful and creative summer! The seeds of art creativity you helped plant in my own artist heart, continues to grow, and with it, the confidence to try new things. So, as always, I thank you for that :-)
Hugs from across the states,

rachel awes

misty mawn,
love your name
+ your photos are breath-taking/giving
+ art sooo pretty. lovely to visit.
lovely is everything. xox

Jennifer White

such amazing things happening this summer for all of you...sending my love to you, Kevin, India and Jade... I miss you terribly and these pieces that you posted above, damn Natalie.. you know I'm speechless... xoxxo


Congratulations on a stunning looking show! I am also enjoying Alabama Shakes.... Took my daughter and a friend to their first gig - Kimbra - very cute! Oh, to be able to join you in Italy....


Really enjoyed your post, all the photographs, your paintings, they all seem poignant somehow, fragile, almost as if they are already of another time. I am so pleased to hear of your exhibition, and I really love the girl with the feathers. Karenxx

Sharon Tomlinson

Dear Misty girl, What a treat! Wish I could visit your gallery show. "...gratifying..." yes indeed I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling. Miss you lots.


Your photographs really speak for themselves...Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!!! I am a mixed media artist and instructor from PA. Please check out my blog.

Susie LaFond

Awesome stuff Misty. Your wee ones are turning into precious people and I totally can relate to experiencing them growing up, blooming and thriving. The video was super fun. I gotta show that to my 18 yo who adores home made vid for their pure creativity. Your photography always takes my breath away as does your art...enjoy the rest of the summer days and nights and all of the in-between moments too. Capture them and hold them in a glass jar; like fire flies.

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