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September 26, 2012


Susie LaFond

Always enjoy your posts Misty. Gotta try the caramels. You're moving? Holy Wow. Really? Excited to hear all about it and Italy. Have an awesome time and all the best with the move. I know how much work that is.

Kay Ranft

Thanks for the tip on the running shoe. I checked them out on Amazon and just bought a pair. Can't wait to try them. I've been looking for something like this. Love your sweet pictures :)


Misty: of course I see the autumn influence in this post, it something that just happens we don't even know really until we look at what we have done and lowandbehold there it is.
The children keep changing and another lowandbehold we do also. Except people don't say my how youhave grown, or maybe they do and for me I hope it is my art they are talking about. Such great looking kids!
I saw a video of a father talking tohis daughter a smaller girl age 6, he said to her I don't think I will let you go out with boys or something like that, the samll girls said, can I just look. Funny I think we start looking early wither it be becaue of someones behavior or how they look. I remember.
I visit often to admire. enjoy all that is coming in this 2012 autumn.

Debbie aka peculiarme71

Misty you have such talent and you are so inspirational..I adore your photos and work!!


your photos are always so beautiful to see. happy moving! I hope new place will inspire new things.

wanda marie miller

HAPPY days here...HAPPY days ahead for you and yours!!! xoxo

Jennifer White

Fall is my favorite time of the year..and I remember all the gorgeousness of visiting you at this time of the year, too. Good memories...safe travels, lots going on for you right now but new directions for you, too...miss you and see you soon..xo


Miss seeing you online but realize how busy you are with your family. You will never regret the time spent with your husband and children. Be well, travel safely, have a wonderful time in Italy making art, eating good food, and drinking wine. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you return and when time permits! XO


Sorry to hear you're leaving... just when my family might be headed to Charlottesville for a move. Thought I'd finally get to take one of your in-person workshops in the VA area. Hope to still attend one day wherever you might be. Best to you!

Gina Cuff

Beautiful photos, Misty! You have a lovely family! It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog.



Fall is my favorite time of year. Your photos have captured it so well. The grape pie looks deelish! Enjoy your trip and move.



Glimpses in to your life and the goings on with you and your family are just lovely. The cello!! What a wonderful instrument!! Gorgeous pictures of all of the beauty around you and of what you create- the artwork is stunning!! Love to you and yours!! xoxo

Jamie Tidwell

The combination of your pictures with your painting/sketches is so mesmerizing. What an enchanted life you've made! Safe travels :)


Lovely images F.

Gloria Martin

Beautiful work as always!!! Enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving Day, and best wishes to you and your family.

kim beller

misty~~~~~ i've been thinking about you since this last post of yours and wondering where you are? hope the move is going (or went) well. it's this time of year that i start to anticipate your next on line class..... (will we be so lucky)??!!
i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. can't wait to see what you've been up to!!


Beautiful, tnkx for sharing.


such lovely images. i love the mixture of photos--they speak of a life, well lived.


you will forever amaze me x


you are so missed, so i loved waking up this morning and finding you here.....

a move? oh i can't wait to hear more about that since i'm the moving queen.....

merry christmas sweet friend....xo

Tina Lynn

Your images and paintings are so beautiful and inspiring. As a fellow introvert, I understand your hesitation to teach... but I hope you continue. Your art is truly captivating. Congratulations on your move. Given their steady decline in population, the bees are lucky to have you.

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