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December 21, 2012


francesca dileo

xoxoxo so damned excited

carlanda williamson

i love you beautiful lady! merry christmas. xo carlanda

Briana G.

As always, your photos are amazing. Your daughter looks like a young woman now. My how fast that happens.
Hope things feel more settled soon.
Love and Hugs,
Briana G.

Janice Scherer

Thank you for your heartfelt post. I'm excited for your upcoming class, and I haven't even looked at it yet. Thank you for opening the door again and keeping me on my journey. To my mentor, my teacher, my friend. Love you bunches!

Jennifer White

You know me, you never have to say a word ... pictures speak volumes in my opinion. Listing to Regina Spektor right now and thinking of you and I singing all the words (J too I think?) as we drove around Virginia last time I was out...love you, my BFF Natalie.

Hilda D.

You've beautifully expressed through your words and photos what I have bottled up in my heart. Thanks for making this world a more loving & light-filled place to be.
Looking forward to your new workshop!! Lots& lots of peace and joy for the holidays and beyond!


Love to you and your beautiful family, Misty!!xoxo

Liz Ness

Can't wait to play/create with you again! Meanwhile, I wish you and your family many good things! Happy holidays!



Beautiful post, beautiful photos, beautiful words. Beautiful soul, beautiful you, dear friend. xoxo


forgot to ask....is "Vulnerable" your poem? I love it. Very powerful words.

kim beller

feeling the same thoughts and emotions that you have evoked in your post.
wishing you and yours a peace filled Christmas, a new year filled with wonder and love .
i am SO excited about the class in january. wouldn't miss it!! my present to ME!
until then...

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Merry Christmas sweet sparrow, xoxoxox


Done! Looking forward to you and yoga this first half of the year! xoxo


Lovely photos Misty!
Thanks for sharing ;-)
Looking forward to another workshop with you.
I feel so bless ;-)
Happy New Year to you and family xox


I understand.
thank you for sharing,
thank you for spreading honesty and beauty,
sending you waves of love and appreciation : )

Tammy M

Hello wonderful misty!! xoxo your daughter is just stunning! isnt she!! Just love the photos you took, of her and winter and beautiful ordinary everyday. My mom and I were talking about if we ever got to go to italy for an art classs it will have to be yours.{{HUGS}} You are so great at inspiring joy and confidence when you teach, MAN I miss artfest!!!LOL! Hope 2013 is overflowing with blessings for you and your family. Miss your quiet sweet smile.cant wait to see more posts when you have time. {{HUGS}} Tammy

wanda marie

I already posted here and it's gone, hmmm ...all my love!


May I be your child? Just for a while...a day..a week...a month...a year! To share the life these photos live. May I be your child?

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