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January 12, 2013



Oh, wow....why didn't we just stay??? such a beautiful post. the memories of such a wonderful trip come flooding back. for anyone thinking of taking a class with misty in orvieto, it IS as magical as seen through her lens.

Shay Fourney

Beautiful shots... I love how you get so much 'feeling' into your pieces with so little color. I came across this trip the other day and thought, "If only..." What a great place to be, surrounded by all that beauty and like-minded friends!

Carol Weiler

Lucky students, Lucky you, Lucky Italy. Looks like an amazing time was had by all!

lorraine lewis

Yes...why didn't we stay?
I loved so much the time we spent in beautiful Orvieto. It was an incredible time spent with such lovely people...people who are now so dear to my heart. Thank you sweet Misty for this beautiful post and for always sharing your beautiful heart.

Carmen Beatriz Norris

Great photos, I wish I was there.

Pamela Holderman

You conveyed the experience beautifully...no words needed. I can hear the stillness and beauty in each photo. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin Steiner

How can we ever thank you for seeing the essence of our beloved Orvieto so clearly, Misty? A week with you is filled with the very best of everything! Here's to the Fall of 2104...one more chance to 'wonder' together.

Bill Steiner

Spectacular pictures Misty, just spectacular. I'll share this with all our friends in Orvieto who will appreciate seeing their town through your eyes.

Janice Scherer

Beautiful representation of a trip difficult to put into words. I felt like I was right there with you. Perhaps in 2014!

Angela DiGiovanni | life * poetry * art

What a treasure to get such a lovely peek into your lives that week and dream!

wanda marie miller



Sometimes our land doesn't speak to us, and it just observes our wrong moving and our frantic hours. A stranger no more has the best eyes to capture the essence of being Etruscans. Till the next trip to our green hills. Lorenzo


So full of wonder! My husband loved these pictures so much - I think we'll be joining you in 2014! Your photos are magical!

Jennifer White

I think you've taken your photography to an entirely new level...mysterious, insightful and reflective...so lovely, Misty. xo

Sharon Tomlinson

Thank you Misty for this early morning trip back. Our first trip to Orvieto was a "trip of a lifetime". Who know one could have two trips of a lifetime? This is such a beautiful post and says it all. Thank you dear one.


Sigh. What a magical place and experience you have captured in your photos. I'm going to have to save some of your portal images to use in my art journal.

Graziella Gasparri

Thank you for making "our distracted eyes" appreciate the beauty of our town through your shots!


wow, such lucky lucky people. Beautiful photos!

Mary Beth Shaw

Oh my, I can.not.wait. Your pictures are stunning. And Cats!?!? Did you say cats??? Now I really can't wait ;)


Hey there sweet one… I couldn't resist and I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award (or Very Inspiring Blogger Award). Tis your choice to accept the award or not. To find out more please visit my post: http://galiaalena.blogspot.co.nz/2013/01/blogging-awards-thank-you.html and find directions, as well as a list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.



Oh how beautiful Misty! Thank you for bringing Orvieto to life for me. I will be teaching there in Sept 2015. Now I can already see, feel and taste the beauty to come xox

carlanda williamson

someday.someday. may it be sooner than later! love you and your post! carlanda


utterly gorgeous.

Michelle Ward

omg...just beautiful. love the glowing energy you evoke, and capture. It rubs off on us just by being voyeurs.


What beautiful and carefully arranged photos! You must have had a wonderful time in Italy.
Thanks for sharing.


Oh my gosh they do, they do, they DO!

Sue Burton

Hi Misty,

Long time, no speak . . .

Love the painting at the beginning of your post.

Italy looks fun and beautiful.

Just in case I don't remember on time--happy birthday early.

Deb Taylor

Misty, I just crawled up inside my computer screen to get as close to you as I could possible become!

robin dudleyhowes

Beautiful photographs Misty


I admit, I haven't been to your blog in a while and how beautiful you have become. No longer a young girl..now a gorgeous woman.
Wishng you the best, Andra


Wouawwww.......your photos are FANTASTIC...thanks for coming back xxx

mariette hebert

Absolutely stunning photos dear Misty!
Thanks for sharing xo

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