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May 13, 2013


Jennifer W.

So good to see you here...beautiful images and Summer is just around the corner now so those bees better be gettin' their groove on. xo


Hi Misty, I'm happy to hear that you are going to still teach. You must realize how you touch people, after being in VA beach with you for 3 days of class my creative side is forever changed...I'm inspired, confident, and learned oh so much from you...so girl...please don't stop! xo Patti

Sharon Tomlinson

Welcome back! You and your beauty were missed. Love seeing the photos of your life. Would love to get my hands in you clay although I've never done pottery, just doll heads. So sorry I will miss seeing you in August. Probably.


Love seeing bits of your lovely life!! See you in August!


ahhhh, to see you and your kids and hear about what's going on.....so wonderful.

i would love to see your pottery. i bet it's as amazing as your paintings and as beautiful as you !

Carmen Beatriz Norris

Congratulations, lovely photos.

Eileen Weigand

Hello Misty,
Sigh... I've missed you. But, it seems you life is so full- I love the beekeeping!1 The new to you house looks lovely and probably feels even better!

Annie Hamman

So glad you are still here... Been checking your blog for while, waiting for update... :) 100 years old house is really awesome, can't wait to see pictures inside and out. :) Not sure about bees though. I love honey, but aren't they sting? Love your recent artworks, they are very... light. They seem to get lighter as years go by. I know what you mean about being a teacher and introvert at the same time. It's a challenge to push yourself there every time. But yes, very rewarding. Thank you for update. Hugs. Annie.

Sherri B.

Congrats on your new home and beekeeping status! I'm truly amazed at how your paintings have evolved - it's been awhile since I've seen them. They were fantastic before, but now they're simply spectacular..richer, deeper, and more complex than ever before. Wishing you a great summer~~


my, my you have been busy! ha ha! so kewl that you are living in a 100 year old house, beekeeping and throwing clay around the pottery wheel. change is refreshing and good for us. love the new workshop roots and wings. SO wish I could take it. who knows, perhaps it will happen! al the best to you with all your new adventures and thank you for sharing pieces of your life. ciao!

Theresa Merkling

Misty! Your Art and Soul VA paperbag portrait class was an amazing revelation to me and I have gained a remarkable new confidence that I was sadly lacking. Please don't quit your teaching - your style is perfect for my type of learner and helping others the way you do is a tremendous blessing. Love following your blog and getting inspired over and over.


oh SIGH, with a full buzzing vibrating heart filled with love! thank you for sharing you with us! OXOX

Gloria Martin

It's always magical to indulge in one of your posts! As good as a beautiful summer night with a sky full of fireflies. XOXO

Lori Anderson

I so wish I could go to Utah!

Deb Taylor

Oh Misty,
I am drenched in goodness here. Love following you on FB and IG, but there is nothing like a good ol juicy post on your blog. ( I have neglected my own since IG )
I adore your pottery and beeing.....and oh to watch those Angel Babies of yours grow into little creative humans!! Congratulations on the move. There is nothing quite like living in the bones of a 100 years old home !!
Much love and adoration...Deb


Misty, what a true blessing you have been in my life and you don't even know it! Your Face to Face class has rekindled the artist in me, and has provided me the opportunity to connect with some beautiful loving women. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hoping to meet you in September at Random Arts! :)

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