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September 12, 2014


Carol Weiler

Home is where your heart is. Hope you are enjoying this new change.


"Settling in" takes a long time, sometimes we never settle (we were never at settled in NZ even though home is where ever the babies are) and coming home takes awhile. We moved "home" last Dec, 24th, and we are still settling even though we are home. Forget being settled, and settle for being at home. Xx

Some treasures for you my wordsmith loving friend:

Sharon Tomlinson

A beautiful and thought provoking post. Thank you. I totally get the wanna be great speller. Me too. Same thing.

I get so settled in, that is "in my head" sometimes that I think I might be ....a bit zany (had to look it up. not exactly the right word. but OK)

Thank you for the beautiful Margaret Gibson poem. If I were a poet, I could have said that. All of those things are happening right here right now.
ps. I shall go out today and look for the necklace of gourds on the fence.


people are asking us the same question and our movers just left yesterday at 3pm.

i have settled and re-settled my entire life and this time we have been tested over and over again and i sit here wondering….what's next.

if you ever need anyone to talk to, compare notes with, or just cry and wonder with, i'm here….xoxox

Kathie Vezzani

Katie and Judy talked about you so often during our workshop together. Katie is so excited to have her bees next spring, something you influenced. She is gearing up, reading about the bee societies.....hope you are enjoying being home. Hope you have a wonderful time in Italy.

Chris Meissner

Hi Misty, The expressions on the faces you drew and painted are so sad. They look so forelorn. Art reflects life, and thank God for that. Hope you find comfort in poetry and painting, and of course from your family and good food! xo


...I have trouble with definitely, too:)
There are no rules to settling. The day it washes over, is the day it washes over.
Isn't it wonderful how FEW things actually have a police issuing citations!
Just found your blog. Glad you are dusting it off...


I'm so pleased you are sharing here - beautifully written and so reflecting you! Missing you big time... Hugs <3

Pauline Leger

i just love your work and your words.
So wish i were closer, so i could join you in November.
I hope you know that your art touches hearts around the world.
It certainly touches mine. xx

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